As nurses provide comfort measures

As nurses provide comfort measures

As nurses provide comfort measures, apply knowledge and expertise to provide healing, relieve pain, stressors, and promote positive health outcomes. The ability to care for the self allows the nurse to participate in a caring moment with the patient more readily. As part of self-preparation before providing patient care, I used to practice deep breathing exercise. Moreover, Jean Watson describes the caring moment as a deep connection to the patient on a human to human level transcending space and time (Watson, 2008, P.82). This spirit to spirit connections includes compassion, presence and authentic listening, and the creation of a healing environment (Watson, 2008, P.83). Tasks performed by the nurses become routine if they are performed without compassion. The caring moment which exemplify in the nursing situation was the beauty of the moment when the pain of Mr. M relieved and the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.


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