As an industry

As an industry

As an industry, Technology is changed all our lives. Within a short period of time, it has greatly changed the way we view things. It is an industry that, I believe, will play a crucial role in shaping our future. This has motivated me to pursue a Master’s course in Information technology and Electrical engineering at your esteemed university. You have the best research facilities, the latest equipment and the dynamic curriculum, which will enable me to understand and apply modern techniques to meet different needs. My ambition is to focus on a career aimed at contributing to research and development in this area.
I completed my S.S.C (10th grade) from Gurukul the School with a score of 10 in Mathematics, 10 in General science and an overall grade of 9.5 for a total of 10. My interest in these subjects has motivated me to pursue intermediate in M.P.C (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) from RK junior college. I secured 88.1% in the sciences (including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in the 12th standard and thereby getting a admission into Vignan University,I was surprised to learn how a computer program is converted in binary digits and how these inputs are computed to get the desired output. My desire to learn more on this technology made me choose Electronics and Communication Engineering as a major in college over Computer Science and I took Information Technology as my minor.
In my undergraduate program, courses such as Electronic circuit Analysis, Signals and Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, VLSI Technology and Integrated circuits helped me learn the aspects of system implementation. On the other hand, courses like Operating and System, Digital Communication helped me understand how the concepts of computers are applied to practical systems in day-to-day life.I completed a mini project in Image processing domain with the project title as Ball tracking robot using Raspberry pi board with Image processing technology,this is used for survelliance and also further development gives Automated driverless cars.
To fulfill a requirement of the senior year of undergraduate program, I am working on a project with a government organization known as Regional centre for military airworthiness (RCMA) under DRDO and as a part of this project,I am working on “Phase interferometry based antenna direction finding”, which is a device used to find the direction of the Airborne objects entering our region with a high precision and accuracy.Till now I have CGPA of 8.01 for a total of 10.
My strengths are my willingness and motivation to work hard, ability to work in a team environment, desire to constantly learn and explore new technologies, understand them quickly and implement them. I was involved in many course projects working with a group of students, and also as a team lead for quite a few of those. I understand any research effort demands new ideas and a constant effort to bring them to fruition, both of which I am capable of.
I have decided to pursue my academic studies by taking up a Masters course. From a careful study of department’s brochures and the advice from the faculty,I believe that the superior infrastructure facilities, state of the art laboratories and excellent faculty at your university would best support my goals. I am confident that my curriculum, research experience will meet the high standards of the university.Also, the extensive research done in these areas has piqued my interest even further. I have left no stone unturned in realizing a part of my dream till today and shall continue to do so if I am given an opportunity to study at your esteemed university to continue living my dream.


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