Around the late 1850’s and early 1860

Around the late 1850’s and early 1860

Around the late 1850’s and early 1860, ?he United States !ere on the “rin# o$ secession% &ne side “ein’ the (orth and the other side “ein’ the South% What could’)e led to this? Sla)ery, the ri’hts o$ the South, and the election o$ A”raham Lincoln is !hat caused the Southern states tosecede $rom the Union% Sla)ery !as one o$ the thin’s that tore the United States a*art% Unli#e +ritain, the United?ississi**i *olitician and said in his s*eech ??he (orth is accumulatin’ *o!er and it means to use that *o!er to emanci*ate your sla)es. /?oc%?2 (ear the end o$ his s*eech Al”ert 3allatin +ro!n said, ??isunion is a $ear$ul thin’, “ut emanci*ation is !orse.% /?oc%?2 ?his sho!s that sla)ery meant e)erythin’ to the South, so much that they !ere !illin’ to secede $rom the rest o$ the country% With the issue o$ sla)ery came distrust “et!een the (orthern and Southern states% ?he ?issouri 4om*romise o$ 18?0 is one e?am*le o$ !here (orthern and Southern states *ic#edsides% With the (orth !antin’ ?issouri as a $ree state and the South !antin’ the ?issouri as a sla)e state% ?)en !hen it came to *residential elections, the country !ould still “e di)ided% Whenthe *residential election o$ 1860 !as o)er, and A”raham Lincoln !on, South 4arolina seceded, and in the South 4arolina ordinance o$ secession, one o$ the reasons o$ South 4arolina secedin’ !as “ecause Lincoln ? has declared that that 3o)ernment cannot endure *ermanently hal$ sla)e, hal$ $ree.% /?oc%62 For South 4arolina not ha)in’ sla)ery !as li#e their o!n $reedom “ein’ ta#en a!ay, and that’s !hat caused them to secede, li#e the rest o$ the southern states, !hich caused more distrust “et!een the t!o sides% &ne o$ the other reasons the South decided to secede, !as “ecause o$ their ri’hts, and “ecause they !ere “ein’ ta#en a!ay% ?urin’ the 1860 *residential cam*ai’n the re*u”licans said ?!e deny the authority o$ con’ress o$ a territorial le’islature or o$ any indi)iduals to ‘i)e e?istence to

sla)ery in any territory o$ the United States.% /?oc%12 Sayin’ this alone caused distrust “et!een the t!o sides, and $or the south, too# a!ay their ri’hts% ?he ?emocrats said in the 1860 *residential cam*ai’n, that ?all citi7ens o$ the United States ha)e an e?ual ri’ht to settle !ith their *ro*erty in the territory.% /?oc%12 9ud’in’ $rom the t!o *arties *lat$orms each side cared only $or their ri’hts% ?heir *ride and disa’reement o)er each others ri’hts is one o$ the reasons !hy the South seceded $rom the Union in the $irst *lace% (o! !hen A”raham Lincoln !as elected, 3eor’e ?em*leton Stron’, !ho !as a (e! :or# attorney #e*t diaries $rom !hen Lincoln !as elected to !hen states $rom the south started to secede% ;n his last entry on (o)em”er ?

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2 So not only did the South $eel li#e their ri’hts !ere “ein’ ta#en a!ay, “ut in their eyes they $elt they !eren’t “ein’ treated $air, and that’s !hat led them to secede% ?urin’ the election o$ 1860, all o$ the (orth !anted !as, a *residential candidate !ho !as a’ainst sla)ery, and they $ound that in A”raham Lincoln% +y the time the election !as o)er most o$ the (orth, and the states o$ &re’on and 4ali$ornia had )oted $or him, !hile most o$ the South )oted $or the ?emocrat nominee +rec#inrid’e% While Lincoln had 1,865,600 o$ the *o*ular )ote,?ou’las had 1,?8?,>00, +rec#inrid’e had 8@8,?50 and +ell had 5


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