Ray and few percent is from oil spills

Ray and few percent is from oil spills

Ray Proper Period 1 Ecology Summary Being Freso Forgia, president of Forgia Oil Co., I feel bringing my oil company to Erie will bring good changes. There will be 5,000 more jobs to Erie for 7 years and 500 will remain.

The amount of money the workers will make is astounding and they will receive various benefits. Forgia never had an oil spill or any environmental threats demonstrating their care for the environment therefore they will pose no danger to the Erie area. In fact 50% of the sources of oil entering the environment comes from urban run-off and few percent is from oil spills or accidents. Oil is very important in todays society. The world demands 76 million gallons of oil per day and it is the base for plastic and petrochemical industries.

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Without oil products the world would stop in its tracks, hence the need for oil drilling in Erie which will also lower the gas prices for that region and supply the world with its requirements. Period 511-7-2001Can Mitochondrial Clocks Keep Time?, Joseph Alper, Science, March 1999, pg. 1435Mitochondria are basically known as the powerhouse of the cell, but it may be an organelle with a different kind of power. It could have the ability to illuminate evolutionary events from the past. For about 20 years biologists have been researching mitochondrial DNA from mammals in order to show time relationships from each other to find out about mammal migrations. This study related to many other biological clock studies show that mammals and birds could have shared the Earth with dinosaurs. DNA sequences from other research show that the biological clock idea has some glitches.

Other research shows that clocks tick at different rates and at different times. Research also shows that mitochondrion evolution can be more complicated than suspected. The title tells exactly what the article is mainly about. The article starts out with a short summary of the main themes and ends with a conclusion. There were few examples, but it had a good graph showing strong research on the topic. The article is in a logical order from start to finish.

The article appears to be factual, but in order to know more intensive research should be done.Words/ Pages : 401 / 24

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