Ariana Ruiz English Composition 1 May 20

Ariana Ruiz English Composition 1 May 20

Ariana Ruiz
English Composition 1
May 20, 2018
My Career Path
Nurses are the go-between for the patient and doctor and provide most of the primary care in the hospital. Trauma nurse is the career that I am aiming and it’s a field that provides careful interventions in emergency situations. Work in the emergency rooms and response to critical and life threating cases, not everything is made for this field because you need to learn to work under pressure and stress. First, thing in being a trauma nurse is to stabilize the patient as quickly as possible. Second, is to insert an IV, give some type of medications, drawn blood, and if need intubate the patience to help them breath. Third, as part of the job trauma nurses must monitor the patience as careful as possible and watch for any changes. Last, is to prepare the patience for surgery or to diagnostic testing of any kind. Work schedule for trauma nurses isn’t always perfect because medical emergency can happen at any time of the day. Nurses must act quick and calm and sometimes hospital don’t have enough nurses that any doctor can page you in the middle of the night to come in a medical situation.

Nursing is something that’s been calling my name for years but going through. a personal experience and seeing what trauma nurses were doing for me and how quickly they were acting really caught my attention. I love to work under pressure, I like feeling adrenaline and dealing with blood isn’t something I’m scared, and I feel that this field is going to be perfect for me. Also knowing that I could be saving multiple lives is something amazing. I am a very curious person and knowing that in this field I can find out and learn what is wrong with a patience and being able to diagnostic them is fascinating. Also, with this job I won’t be doing the same thing over and over, every day is going to be something different. This field I won’t be sitting down I would be able to move around something even run depending on the situation.
The way I am going to I am obtain this position is by finishing my associate degree at Gateway Technical College. After I am done with my two years of college I will get a job at a hospital as registered nurse and gain some experience. Also, being able to work at hospital I will be able to see different kind of fields as a nurse. I could possibly discovery something else that could catch my eye beside being a trauma nurse. Once I know what kind of nurse I would like to be I will be going back to school and get my certification on whatever I choice to be. One thing is that I am determined to get my degree as a nursing and most likely I will be getting my certification as a trauma nurse. End of the day my heart belongs to nursing and that were I’m going to be.

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