English 11th attacks the CIA and the

English 11th attacks the CIA and the

English Comp 2Argumentative Essayhttp://www.

nytimes.com/2002/09/19/politics/19INTE.html?pagewanted=print&position=bottomOver the last several years the United States has suffered several losses and devastating events. Most of these could have and should have been at a minimal level if the government would have done its job correctly. Terrorist attacks on the United States have shown the rest of the world our weakness.

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In a recent newspaper article there was information that the governmental agencies that are suppose to provide the top security for the nation have failed. Several years before the September 11th attacks the CIA and the FBI received intelligence reports of terrorist plans to attack the United States. Even with these reports the government did not take the threats serious. Some reports stated that the terrorist planned on using airplanes and striking targets in New York and Washington.

At one time the director of central intelligence issued a declaration of war on AL Queda, a terrorist organization. This statement was only circulated through the security agencies of the United States. After the September 11th attacks several FBI and other agency employees were asked about the memo and most had no idea it had ever been issued.During this few years, the United States had only the minimal number of analysts on the terrorist organizations. On September 10th they intercepted two cripted communications that the following day was the big day. The agencies did not translate the messages until the day after the attacks.Why does it take loosing innocent human lives for our government to start to make changes in security for the people? They had several years of knowledge that something terrible was going to happen and yet they did nothing to find out when or where.

I believe most Americans trust our government in the aspect of security, but this has to make you wonder. If they have credible information that an event is going to take place, why dont they beef up security until they can pin point when and where. Just because we are one of the biggest and strongest nations does not mean that we dont have our weaknesses. Every nation or person for that matter has weaknesses. The United States seems to be in the security department. If it were a citizen that had all the knowledge of the attacks like the government did, then that citizen would have been put in jail for aiding in the attacks.

There should be a repercussion for the government for aiding in the attacks as they did. Anytime that you know something terrible is going to happen then you should do whatever it takes to stop or minimize the effects. If the governmental agencies that had the vast amount of knowledge that they did could have significantly reduced the amount of innocent lives lost. Knowing that on September 10th they intercepted a cripted message and did not even bother to translate it until two days later is ridiculous.

When you are dealing with groups that are totally against the United States and you intercept communications between them it would be the best interest in the safety of the Nation to find out what they are communicating about. Now all that you get from these agencies is a bunch of excuses why they did not act on or investigate more into the information that they had received. Their job in life is to protect all areas of the United States. With all of their technology this should not have been any problem to stop the attacks from happening.

I feel very discouraged in how they operate and have no trust in their ability to stop these things in the future. They have known for years that these groups existed and have done attacks before and they do not take care of the problem. All they want to do is wipe it under the table and act like it never happened and they let the same people stay free and the attacks on 9/11 are the result of their negligence.

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