Antigen use of basic language, and the fact

Antigen use of basic language, and the fact

Antigen excerpt 1.

I think the audience is a very general audience who has very little prior knowledge of the subject. The excerpt appeals to someone wanting basic information, perhaps a junior high science class. You know this by the use of basic language, and the fact they try and simplify the process as much as possible.By using text that is written at a 6th grade reading level, not going into grate detail on exactly what antigens are, and only stating basics facts the author creates a piece which is perfect for the intended audience 2.

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This excerpt is geared to someone who wants to know more facts on the subject. Someone who perhaps knows a little bit on the subject before going to the encyclopedia.It gives a lot more specific detail on antigens.

It doesnt try and talk the facts down at all. It states the facts and nothing else.The facts are the only thing the author was concerned about.

As with most encyclopedia excerpts it tried to provide you with as much information in as few words as possible3. The piece sounds as it was given at an advance science lecture. It is intended for collage students who have much knowledge on the subject.The exact details given about antigens indicate that the audience has prior knowledge and information about the subject. It also lets you know the depth the author is going the get into before its all over withThe language is the main detail that identifies the complexity of the subject.

And the specifics stated show its intended for a fairly advanced scientific reader.

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