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The her slate and broke it. She never

The book I chose for my book report is Anne of Green Gables. It is written by L. M Montgomery. I really liked this book. This book is a fiction book. It was funny in some parts.

Anne is a really funny character and I liked reading about what she would do next.The main characters are Anne Shirley, Marilla, Matthew, Diana, and Gilbert. Anne is an orphan who has a wild imagination and loves to talk.

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She has red hair and freckles She is adopted by Matthew and Marilla. Matthew is a shy, old man and is very kind. His sister is Marilla. Marilla is very protective of Anne. She loves her very much, but doesnt want to tell her. Diana is a very pretty young girl who is Annes best friend.

Gilbert is a boy whom all the girls like, except for Anne. He gets on her nerves all of the time.The story takes place on Prince Edward Island in Canada. It also takes place in the town of Avonlea.

The home that Anne, Matthew, and Marilla is called Green Gables.The story begins when Matthew and Marilla want to adopt a boy. Instead, when Matthew goes to Carmody to get him, he finds that there is a girl instead. Her name is Anne Shirley. He takes her anyway and Marilla gets mad. She tries to give her to someone else, but they dont like her so Marilla decides to keep her.

Anne met Diana one day. They become best friends. One the first day of school, Anne met Gilbert Blythe. He made Anne so mad by calling her carrots she hit him over the head with her slate and broke it.

She never forgave him for saying that about her. One day Anne has Dianna over to her house and Diana drinks raspberry cordial and gets drunk. Anne gets in trouble and she cant see Diana anymore. She couldnt talk to her. A while later, Anne is at her home when she sees Diana running towards the door. She says that her sister is sick and Anne goes to Dianas house and helps get her sister better.

Matthew called the doctor. After that, Anne was allowed to see Diana again. Diana had a birthday party and the girls started to play truth or dare. Anne got a dare to walk across the roof. She fell and broke her ankle and had to moss the first part of school. When Anne went back to school there was a new teacher who let them put on a concert of singing, acting, and music.

One day, Anne tried to dye her hair black, but instead dyed it green. She had to cut her hair really short. Anne got into Queens and also tied with Gilbert Blythe to get the Avery scholarship.

Anne came home that summer and decided not to go back to Queens because Marillas eyesight was getting worse. She got a job to teach at a school in White Sands. She meets Gilbert one day on her way home to Green Gables. She finally forgives him for calling her carrots.

They walked back to Green Gables together.I really liked this book. It was really good and I enjoyed reading it. I always was up for what Anne might do next. I would recommend it to anyone.

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