Dear he said, “if a man were to

Dear he said, “if a man were to

Dear Mom, I am sure that by now you have found out that Anne Hutchinson is on trial due to religious charges. Anne is saying that if you believe in God that you will have salvation instead of good works, and since she is a woman they are even more outraged that she is preaching the word of god, which is only a mans job to do. Anne came over from England following John Cotton a man who had the same beliefs as she did. It is hard to believe that they are causing this much fuss just about someone just trying to preach about God.I don’t think that there is anything wrong with her holding the meetings that she was.

They say she was wrong in teaching men and that she was dishonoring her parents. When they called John Cotton to the stand he did not back her up completely by saying he couldn’t quite recall the events of her preaching to men. Throughout the trial several times the John Winthrop tried to lead Anne to trapping herself in saying that she had done what they were charging her for.A one instance when he said, “if a man were to come up to you would you not preach to him? ” Anne continued to battle them for several days, but finally she said, “that the reason she believes this certain way is because it was a revelation from God. ” This of course as we both know is heresy, and she was banned, but no one knows where. It is ridiculous that she is being tried for something like religious views.

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I thought that we were supposed to have more freedom over her in America, and I believe that that is not the case. Sincerely, JJ

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