Andrew, the writer of the book “Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino”, introduced Raspberry Pi and how to use it for home automation. He described the use of Raspberry Pi with Arduino for Linux operating system. The book describes some home appliances automatic control. First he described how to install all the necessary equipment and all required conditions. Firstly, he gave the history of Arduino and Raspberry Pi with all sockets, required shield specifications and all necessary ports with power supply. We were able to find necessary data of Arduino since were used it. Good examples of thermometer, opening and closing of curtain based on light and temperature data are given. On the other hand, he didn’t show any example related to security of home 21.
Annan Zhu, Peijie Lin and Shuying Cheng of Fuzhou University of China described the remote control system of home appliances using android phone through GSM network (2012 International Conference on Control Engineering and Communication Technology).Theyfocused on the design of Android terminal, the communication between ARM and GSM module. Minimizing the difficulty in supplying the appropriate low-voltage DC for MCU and wireless module by a single live wire was also one of the tasks. Here we have found only the controlling of appliances using android, nothing more than that 22.
An article of Singapore by the authors Thomas Gonnot, Won-Jae Yi, Ehsan Monsef and Jafar Saniie showed a protocol standard for home automation system called Home Automation Device Protocol (HADP). Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, ZigBee IP, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4 standards, and Ethernet network layer supporting IPv6 protocol were their components. Mainly they proposed a protocol if-this-then-that. So it connected many devices together using WIFI connection 23.
K. M. Abubeker, Jose J Edathala, Shinto Sebastian from India introduced PIR sensors and an intelligent power saving mode in ATM counter. This uses pyro-electric infrared sensors to detect pedestrians and the ATM users. The system is controlled by the real time clock RTC DS 1307 to differentiate the day and night time with a surveillance video. This gives an excellent security to the ATM counter 24.


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