s a good idea to

s a good idea to

4/8/04Lang Arts G-BlockThesis: It’s a good idea to have our troops in Iraq. On April 28, 1937 an Arab man by the name of Saddam Hussein was born. In1979 Saddam becomes president and dictator of Iraq. Not only a harshdictator but Saddam is a murderer. Halabja was a town of 70,000 peoplelocated about 8-10 miles from the Iranian border, because its refusal tocooperate in the invasion of Kuwait It became the target of conventionaland chemical bomb attacks over three days in March of 1988. At least 5,000people died immediately as a result of the chemical attack and it isestimated that up to 12,000 people in all died during the course of thosethree days, 40% being women and children.

Most recently American hasreceived information of Nuclear Weapons being built at Iraqi factories. America decided to get involved just about a year last month, with a fullmilitary invasion. This mission called “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Not onlydid Saddam Hussein provide money to terrorist organizations that helped theattacks on 9/11, but we received word from a source that weapons of massdestruction are being made in secret factories. After Operation DesertStorm Iraq become are responsibility and if Iraq did indeed build nuclearbombs and proceed in a attack it would be our fault for not watching them,so rather than be safe than sorry we invaded Iraq, and plus even if thereweren’t any W.

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O.M.D we still need to remove him from power.

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