Behavior reinforced by positive things such as

Behavior reinforced by positive things such as

Behavior in the workplace is a very important factor not only for the individual employee, but for the entire organization. This is due to the fact that counterproductive work behavior can essentially cost organizations time and money. Productive work can be defined as basically accomplishing the expected tasks in a work environment. On the other hand, counterproductive work behavior is exactly the opposite. Counterproductive work behavior is a root issue for mostly all organizations in society.Counterproductive behavior at work is an issue that can cost an organization valuable time, resources, and most importantly money.

This type of behavior can come in the form of laziness, tardiness, unauthorized extended breaks, theft, vandalism, absenteeism, and other damaging acts. These acts can potentially affect the business as a whole and in severe cases may lead to bankruptcy. Strict rules and regulations in organizations are efforts to combat against these types of behaviorsProductive work behavior is a key goal to achieve when referring to the Human Resources of an organization. This type of work behavior can be reinforced by positive things such as rewards, bonuses, pay raises, and promotions.

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In almost all cases, organizations will hire individuals based on their competency for the job as well as their overall impression. Businesses generally look to hire potential employees that can complete job tasks, meet goals, and show a good sense of work effort.Applicants must realize that when applying for a job they are actually based somewhat on their appealing traits, such as dedication, multitasking skills, and pressure within a business environment. All in all, business ethics are extremely important at every level of an organization.

The behavior of every member of an organization is the key to success and growth. Without positive and negative reinforcements to influence employees, an organization could essentially become inefficient and non productive, thus causing the need for reform or discontinuing of business.

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