An ideal person is someone who we think highly of him

An ideal person is someone who we think highly of him

An ideal person is someone who we think highly of him. It maybe either because of his personality or his physical structure or both. He maybe very intelligent or have strong physical structure or something else. When it come to describe an ideal person everyone has their own views. An ideal person has many traits but self-concept, altruistic, open-mindedness are the most relevant ones.
He has what it calls self-concept. He is social and well aware of himself. He always keep a smile on his face while communicating with others. He is calm, composed, and doesn’t let his emotions take control of him. He has an idea of his knowledge and capabilities. But he doesn’t like to brag about himself. He knows what altruistic mean. He shows concern about the people around him. He tries his best to help the people around him. He has tolerance ambiguity meaning doesn’t get bored while listening to others. He is an attentive listener. While taking he does not tell the person all of the reason s why he might be wrong, he simply shares his own views. He is always honest. He believes in himself and others. He is an open-minded person. He always try to find positive angle in everything he does. He is a good learner. He likes to read as much as possible. He is quite knowledgeable. He tries to keep knowledge about everything there is. He is not afraid of taking risk. He has mental and physical balance. He takes good care of his health and the people around him. He always keep his word. He always give the sense of being there with another person while being with him. In conclusion, an ideal person is the type of person who leaves an impact to whomever they encounter. He displays genuine an unselfish concern for the welfare of others. And they are always aware of the gap between self perception and reality.


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