ADVANCED CREATIVE WRITING SKILL AN ACCIDENT I WITNESSED Assignment by: OLADIPO Tosin Ayobami I have longed for this getaway from the moment my friends told me of their plans to have us all go to Ghana for the weekend. I packed my bags and got my nails and hair done. Nothing on earth was going to deprive me of a weekend in La Palm Royal Beach Hotel situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. We had decided it was going to be a road trip.

The thoughts of the nice things usually sold on the road captivated my soul. The several checks at the borders got me upset, but I was prepared for that anyway. We took pictures and kept chatting about all the new things in our lives that we had not shared with one another. We soon got to Bene Republic and it was not hard to tell how different it was from Lagos.

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More intriguing were the women riding motorcycles. We took more pictures and laughed over it.Just within the twinkle of an eye, our excitement became a nightmare. An accident had just occurred. I saw a man get hit by a car. The strangest thing was that the man did not scream, all was quiet until I heard the dull thump of his body being slammed by the car.

The man fell to the ground as if his very bones had become liquid. One moment the man was walking and in just a few seconds, he was crumpled in an ambulance to the mortuary. He died on the spot.

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