It because they are typically more sensitive

It because they are typically more sensitive

It was important that women get the vote during the Progressive Movement because many strong, determined women thought that if females didn’t step up and do something about the problems they were facing, they would not feel that they did everything they could to keep themselves and their families safe. I think it helped to get women involved as well because they are typically more sensitive and empathetic than men can be, and therefore gave a new perspective and determination for a new breed of causes such as food safety and helping children.Lewis Hine’s pictures made an impact on Americans for a few reasons.

I think by taking pictures of children in unfair working conditions, it showed that Americans do have empathy and will ban together to fight for a rightful cause. Hine had a way of making these photographs sort of eerie and depressing in a way, and whether he meant to do that or not, it definitely made a difference in terms of how the public reacted to them. The reformers during the Progressive Movement made some major changes in America.Four history-changing amendments were passed after reformers worked tirelessly to make America a better place, even if some were not continued today to the extent that they were during Progressive era. Even some presidents, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Howard Taft were supportive active in passing some progressive reforms. Overall, I think this was such a powerful time for the United States, and it really showcased our drive and motivation to try and make this country what it is today.

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