Colonist one another. Diversified farming played a critical

Colonist one another. Diversified farming played a critical

Colonist life during the 1600’s and 1700’s, were filled with many hardships, turmoil, disease and death. From the very beginnings relations with the Indians was unstable, sure they traded goods, but resentment by the Indians grew as their land was overtaken, thus battles broke out, killing many on both sides. Without the Indians, the colonist would of had a even tougher time establishing settlements, for without tobacco monies to establish settlements would have surly dries up.

The colonists gained a wealth of information from the Indians, from how to survive the harsh winters, to the best planting practices. The Puritans made the best of their surrounding, focusing on the quality of life, than the prosperity of the mother land. Family values, religion, and helping the less fortunate were at the heart of their communities. Small towns were set up, to support there values, making it easier for the people to communicate, socialize and help one another. Diversified farming played a critical role in the sustainable food source, keeping the colonists feed through the seasons.Southern colonies had a must different view and culture that that of the North, making life miserable for most.

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Towns constricted of large plantations isolating the people for one another, making social contact, sharing of resources difficult, plantation owner did not care about the needs of their labor force, they were only concerned about profits. Initial Settlers comprised of mostly English gentry, interested in immediate prosperity, had little desire to work the land or build fortifications.Thru a system of indentured servitude was put into effect, to work the land, life for the servants was filled with little comforts, owners overworked the servants, short life span, malnutrition, and poor quality of life in general. Poor Irish and English men were the main indentured servants, over time this changed in favor of the African slave, who were a more productive work force, and were less likely to escape and blend in with society. Indentured servants whose time in servitude expired moved on to establish their own plantations, utilizing more slaves, thus slavery became abundant in the south.

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