“Alone we can do little

“Alone we can do little

“Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.”- (Helen Keller). It is true that while working in a group, we are progressing in the direction of a shared objective or set of goals and the entire procedure of our work turns out to be more effective. Correspondingly, having different members on board enables us to complete the work faster with shared duties, responsibilities and ideas. From an administration point of view, empowering cooperation in the working environment will enable the organization or office to go up against extra work, and finally create additional income without hiring more staff.

In 1965, Bruce Tuckman, a phycology professor, developed teamwork theory called “Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development” which primarily focuses on the basis for effective team building which are forming, storming, norming and performing. The initial stage of team development is forming in which individuals are uncertain about their roles and look outside for guidance and guidance. In storming stage, individuals start to consider themselves as a part of a team in which conflicts may arise about the task and hierarchy. But in the norming stage members begin to meet up, creating forms, building up standard procedures, illuminating who does what, and how things will be finished. This stage is described by a developing feeling of “fellowship”. Performing is the final stage where individuals share a common goal, communicate effectively in order to get the job done in an effective way. The value of Tuckman’s model is that it encourages us to consider how they may experience diverse issues at various phases of the team development. Working together in a group can apply singular points of view, involvement, experience, and abilities to take care of complex issues, making new solutions and ideas that may be beyond the scope of any one individual. It enables mutual support, care and learning, and can produce a feeling of togetherness and responsibility. One of the best advantages of working in a group is the motivation and thoughts that can result from the group discussion. When running ideas and knowledge by one and other, there is significantly more scope for creativity in contrast with working alone on a project. It unites individuals from various foundations and levels of understanding. Therefore, ventures which include collaboration serve likewise as an open door for proficient improvement and learning. This might be conscious learning during the meeting. It is very conceivable that we can gain from another person’s learning which enables our own particular aptitudes and capacities to develop. Teamwork exercises, for example, getting together to talk about thoughts or collaborating information to contribute to a project require both verbal and written communication abilities. Working consistently in this limit will permit us to create both our own abilities and in addition the individuals who are in your group. Collaboration likewise encourages an open dialog which enables each individual to be satisfactorily educated about the project goal. In this regard, when everybody is on the same page this guarantees the venture is finished as effectively as possible. When working in a group towards a shared objective, the workload is shared among all colleagues. In an impeccable situation, this work ought to be shared similarly and be disseminated by the qualities of every part. Remember that help and a feeling of having a place in a work environment can contribute significantly to work fulfillment. Team members will help each other, depend on each other and assemble trust within the group. During challenging times, team support is crucial for the achievement of the project; when individuals can seek one and other for direction or support, spotlight can stay on the general objective. If a challenge is handled exclusively we are in danger of getting to be overpowered and settling on unreasonable choices.

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While working in groups, individuals can sometimes find that they are not working adequately, which contrarily impacts on their advancement, and completion of the project successfully. From my personal experience of participating in the teamwork for our project, I as well as other colleagues have encountered a few troubles. I have seen that our most serious issue was hard to begin and work in a group as we are from various nationality and backgrounds. Before the formation of our project team, we barely know each other so it was difficult to collaborate as a team. We know it was the greatest hindrance to our project for which we decided to meet in the cafe and first thing first we took time for all the members to introduce ourselves to be familiar with each other and shared our contact details, then we had a brief discussion about the project and developed a shared understanding of the project. We decided to nominate one member as a project manager which plays an essential role in the project and is responsible for its successful completion within the predefined time frame and budget while achieving its objectives and finally decided on sub-tasks for each member. In this way, we are quite familiar with each other and it helps us a lot in the effective communication and leading towards the completion our project goals.

Poor teamwork can lead to the major drain on the energy in any group. It is a specific issue while moving from start-up to building up a group. Frequently it is because that one or a few people begin to attempt and overwhelm the group. It tends to happen when people endeavour to force answers for address their own issues, which are frequently in struggle with the necessities of the group.


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