Alaya Lyons Dr

Alaya Lyons Dr

Alaya Lyons
Dr. Sokowski
English Composition 1
11 October 2018
What is Love?
Love is a deep affection for another, which makes you feel like you are wanted. Love can make you feel fortunate, hopeful, and inspired. There are different types of love, with different kinds of feelings, with different types of people. The types of love are love for family, for friendship, and for intimate other.
Love for your family is the first love you should have for someone. They’ll make sure they are always there for you. No matter how many arguments and disagreements you will always have that bond to keep each other together. The first person I ever loved was my mother. Since I was born she have always been in my life no matter what. She taught me everything I know, which made me out to be a good person in life. We may not have the same viewpoint on everything, but we find a way to get through it. The love I have for my mother is unconditional; always have been, always will be.

Friendship love is more of loyalty, respect, and trust. Friendship takes more time to develop due to being able to trust someone that will not harm you.

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