Akelia Henry SKCS 110 March 21

Akelia Henry SKCS 110 March 21

Akelia Henry
SKCS 110
March 21, 2018
Last semester I felt like I wanted to give up, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my major to be, I was leaning toward clinical laboratory. I thought this is what I wanted to do base on the readings; talking to other clinical workers I thought I had it figure out. However, that fail when I got into my chemistry class, with all the memorization of the periodic table, I felt I was behind because I felt as if everyone knows the periodic table and it was a breeze for some. With the low marks I got from my homework I still pushed to do it. Being in the class for two months I begin to lose interest, not wanting to go to class, I made up my mind that this is not what I wanted to do. I begin to get depress, and all the sleepless night there I know I was done. I eventually drop the class and not caring anymore because I was left with three classes. With a GPA of 1.999, I thought I was able to make it. I really had problems with taking test and it shows, the large amount of studying I’ve done did not show on my test. I wanted to get tested, because I believed I was dyslexic. I really didn’t know why everything was going do wrong. Going up to the spring semester I realize that I would not be receiving financial aid. It took that to make sure that this semester I would do great.
To ensure that I am doing good academically, I am studying for more than three hours, this semester I am reviewing my notes after I leave the class, and study in advance and not wait a week before the exams. For each of my class I am checking my syllabus daily and staying on top of all my assignment. Participation in most class become a big thing for me, because I am a shy person I try and put my nervousness away and ask questions or answer them.


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