At activities? Southwest Airlines Company’s brand exudes a

At activities? Southwest Airlines Company’s brand exudes a

At Southwest Airlines, “We Love Your Bags” MRKT 5000 1. Describe the various promotion elements that Southwest Airlines uses in its integrated marketing communications. Southwest Airlines Company is an American airline with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Based on domestic passengers carried, Southwest Airlines is the largest airline in the United States. (2010 -06-30)upThe The airline operates more than 3,400 flights a day updateutilizing a fleet of 552 aircraft.While operating in an extremely competitive industry, Southwest Airlines Company tries to differentiate itself from its competitors by projecting itself as the only low-fare, short-haul, high-frequency, point-to-point carrier in America that is fun to fly. Southwest Airlines Company is known and recognized by consumers for its low priced fares. The airline needs to be extremely cost-efficient in order to be successful. Therefore, their business plan is focused on utilizing single aircraft type, short-hauls, secondary airports, point-to-point versus hub-and-spoke to keep its costs down.

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They also pride themselves for doing unconventional things. For example, not assigning seats to passengers on their flights helps to reinforce its image that it gets passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time, and at the lowest priced fare available. By not assigning seats, Southwest can turn the airplanes around quicker at the gate. If an airplane can be turned around quicker, more flights can be flown each day. Having more flights generates more revenue, so that Southwest can offer lower fares.The goal of Southwest Airlines Company’s marketing communications is to offer a travel product that is built around flights targeted to specific demographics and ticket pricing that is simplified so that passengers know exactly what they are getting for what they pay.

2. How does the engaging and entertaining performance of Southwest flight crews contribute to promotion activities? Southwest Airlines Company’s brand exudes a fun down-home attitude which it leverages to present the consequences of low fares in a positive light.The engaging and entertaining performances of their flight crews put the potential customers at ease. The customers appreciate a touch of humor in an otherwise overly serious industry. By appealing to the emotions of their customers, Southwest Airlines Company is able to drive home their message in a far more memorable way than words alone. The engaging and entertaining performance of the flight crews also contribute to the promotional activities by showing that Southwest has created an atmosphere that is fun and exciting for its employees by placing them first.Many companies stress the importance of their employees but the employees feel as if they are a second hand thought.

Not so at Southwest, they always mention that employees come first. The simple understanding that happy employees equates to a happy and productive workforce are important at Southwest. The company also created an industry trend with the Southwest effect, showing how the entrance of a low priced fare airline into a new market will infuse it with new activity.The company should continue to pursue cost-savings opportunities and do things differently than the competition.

These are key attributes that have allowed Southwest Airlines Company to stand out from their competition. 3. How has Southwest Airlines positioned its advertising by focusing on simple concepts such as “We Love Your Bags” and “Grab Your Bag, It’s On! “? The company promotes an informal, but customer oriented culture in both their print and television advertisements.The humor in the slogans not only promotes Southwest Airlines Company, but it also promotes the values of the company and its employees. The slogans are not just advertisements, but represent the culture of Southwest Airlines Company. For example, the slogan, “The Freedom to be Your Self is the Freedom to be Your Best”, emphasizes the company’s commitment to work hard and play hard.

Southwest Airlines Company is a place where people enjoy their job. The slogan promotes individuality and excellence in the workplace.These are core values at Southwest. Some other slogans used by the company are “how do we love you”, “we are spreading love”, and “you are now free to move about the country”.

Southwest Airlines Company also used “we love your bags” and “grab your bag, it’s on! ” to position itself as the airline that is committed to the satisfaction of its customers. It tries to position itself as the airline with a friendly atmosphere that is willing to share the respect and caring attitude that is shown to its employees with its customers.

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