Faiz, control. Those technologies provoked the worldwide

Faiz, control. Those technologies provoked the worldwide

Faiz, Asif; Weaver, Christopher S. ; Walsh, Michael P. Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles: Standards And Technologies For Controlling Emissions Washington, D. C. World Bank, 1996.

The book “Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles: Standards and Technologies for Controlling Emissions”, is about how cars are one of the primary sources for air pollution. The author gives various emission regulations and standards for different countries such as Columbia, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. The book goes into detail about the history of emissions control and why it should be controlled. Also it states that, the U.

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S. nd Japan introduced advanced technologies such as catalytic converters and evaporative control. Those technologies provoked the worldwide demand for emissions control. Also are chapters that Intel the effectiveness of California’s smog program. The authors provide the factors that influence motor vehicle emissions. In my opinion this book is a very useful source.

The authors give the reader a brief history lesson on the birth of pollution resulting from motor vehicles. Then they discuss how society began to confront the issue. They also provide charts that compare the emission standards within different countries.This is very valuable information when trying to prove that vehicle pollution is an issue. The purpose of this book is to inform readers that vehicle emission is a primary pollutant of the air.

This information will be very useful in my project. I will use it to show that motor vehicles, and man-made products are the major causes of pollution. It will also help me to persuade the reader that pollution is global, and not just national. This source has taught me that if a country finds a solution to decrease pollution, the rest will follow. Spellman, Frank R.The Science Of Environmental Pollution Lancaster, Pa. Technomic Publishing, 1999.

At the beginning of the book Spellman describes what the environment was like in his childhood and compares it to the present day. He defines pollution as “the presence of matter or energy whose nature, location, or quantity produce undesired environmental effects”. Spellman goes on and states what he believes the causes of pollution are.

One of the major causes was the spread of agriculture and the clearing of forest. Through out the book he mentions various types of pollution and gives personal solutions.Such as electric cars and windmill energy. About half way threw the text are graphs and diagrams of pollution types. The purpose of the text is to point out the obvious aspects of pollution and some of its effects. Spellman’s book is very useful. It’s different from the other bibliographies because it covers every type of pollution.

He effectively communicates his ideas by explaining them in detail in the text, and providing graphs to show comparison. The point of this book is to show where pollution may have started. Also it will inform the reader of the various types of pollution.I will use “The Science Of Environmental Pollution”, to compare the environment from 30 years ago to now. I will do that by using Frank Spellman’s charts, graphs and childhood memories. It will support the claim that pollution is getting worse. I was already aware that environment is being contaminated, however this source taught me it is being done at a very fast rate.

Peirce, J. Jeffrey; Weiner, Ruth F. ; Vesilind, P. Aarne. Environmental Pollution And Control Boston, Mass. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998.

This book focuses on the problems of the environment. It also gives the methods of control and what we can do to prevent pollution.The authors define environmental pollution as “potential harm to human health or nature without justification”. In the book they uncover new sources of energy and materials that will be helpful in saving the environment. A major concern the authors had would be the extinction of species and the destruction of places.

According to the authors it would be in the best interest of society to reuse, and recycle. They state global warming, population growth, and resource depletion have primarily contributed to the environments contamination. The book “Environmental Pollution And Control” communicates its ideas effectively.Its gives the problems, solutions, and consequences.

I would say its one of my best sources. The authors cover every aspect of pollution, effects, and prevention. The information is reliable because it’s researched by scientist.

The goal of this source is to inform readers of pollution, and let them know if action is taken we can decrease contamination. I will use this book to inform my readers of the problems that we will face if we ignore these issues. It will support my claim that if nothing is done, pollution will destroy species and make places unlivable.Also it will prove that recycling is helpful, but not enough. I have learned from this source that if we come up with a plan and stick by it we can save our environment. Miller, E. Willard; Miller, Ruby M.

Environmental Hazards: Toxic Waste And Hazardous Material Santa Barbara, Calif. ABC-CLIO, 1991. The book “Environmental Hazards: Toxic Waste and Hazardous Material”, focuses on the radioactive contamination of the environment caused by the testing of nuclear weapons.

Mainly topics covered are nuclear weapon testing, contamination of the environment, and laws made to prevent contamination.The authors explain that preservation of the environment became a priority at beginning of the 21st century. Unfortunately little thought was given the destruction of the environment in the process. They provide dates of testing that led to a series of laws, both state and federal, to prevent contamination.

The passage gives numerous examples of the tons of toxic waste that society generates. The authors also suggest that hazardous waste is “garbage” of our highly technological society. The information in this book is very reliable because it provides the dates of nuclear testing, and what contamination it caused.Also it provides the laws that were formed to control testing.

The books purpose is to show that nuclear weapon testing, and toxic waste is harmful to the environment. Also to suggest that our hazardous waste is another major addition to the contamination. This source gives hard evidence of our hand in the destruction of the environment. I will use this source to show that man is the primary cause of pollution.

I can provide the reader with the details of the laws created. It will support my claim that the environment cannot heal if we continue to harm it. Also this text will provide examples of toxic waste that we produce every day.Until I read this book I was not aware of the contamination nuclear testing caused. McCally, Michael. Life Support: The Environment And Human Health Cambridge, Mass.

MIT Press, 2002. Michael McCally discusses the effects of the polluted environment on human health. The book consist of diagrams and studies of the mortality rates of adults and children due to polluted environments. McCally believes that respiratory disease is a direct result of high levels of air pollution.

McCall warns, “Humans should be aware of the many connections between health and the environment.He finds the problems are persistent and global. The books main focus is to show the negative effects that a contaminated environment can have on the human body. The goal of this source is to inform the reader of the effects of pollution on the human body. It is a useful source because McCally discusses different cases in polluted countries.

He shows how people have poor health or lose their lives due to pollution. It is the most important out of the other sources because it actually proves that pollution has a negative effect on our health.McCally effectively communicates his ideas because he, states the problem, shows the effect, and then has the facts to prove what he is saying is true. I will use this information in my project to show that pollution not only contaminates the environment, but affects our health as well.

It will help support my claim that we have to start prevention now. If we don’t, it will harm humans and our future offspring. This source has made me aware that; some health issues we think are natural are actually caused by pollution.

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