“Age is a matter of the mind -if you don’t mind

“Age is a matter of the mind -if you don’t mind

“Age is a matter of the mind -if you don’t mind, it does not matter.” But the bible says not to be “unequally yoked”
When it comes to dating we all have different opinions, while others may choose to be with people much older than there are others might like their partners younger. Love is a matter of the heart; I don’t see why age is a significant factor but then again that’s how I feel!
Despite the age difference there are other factors to look at in a relationship. Do you have common interests? Are you happy? Is so the age should just be a number , It would really make no sense to throw away a chance at happiness just because of a number, would it? Keeping the age gap in mind is also important as some differences may arise but if you are committed to make something work nothing would stand in their way. Like every relationship it has to be a two-way street for smooth sailing.
The bigger the age gap the more prone it is to difficulties in terms of the difference in the mind set and also lifestyle. Younger people will have their days of enjoying the night life and will occasionally enjoy the company of their young peers while the older person will be focused on settling down and spending alone time with their partner.
In such relationships honesty about what you want from your partner is very important. If you want a serious relationship and your partner is only keen on a casual one, then you need to think about it hard. Are you willing to settle for anything?
Age difference in a relationship actually has Quite a few upsides which can positively impact your life. The younger partner has the potential to extract energy and spark from the older partner. While the older lover can offer emotional stability and offer guidance with life choices. However social situations with family and friends may be tricky.
Many relationships with an age gap are very successful. The key is honesty and communication. Letting your partner know exactly what it is that you want and expect from them and even life is the best way to ensure that you actually achieve what you want. If both partners are in agreement, then there should be no problems. Like in any relationship if you are happy, and you have a strong bond and you both are committed to making it work then the lemons that life throws at you can only make the best lemonade.
Immature individuals tend to be fun and exciting to be around but when it comes to the important things in life you may sometimes be left disappointed. Sometimes the different levels of maturity can be the deciding factor between your relationship making it or breaking under pressure.
If he is still single or divorced all these years there must be a reason, yes he might not have found “the one” yet but think about this why is he single\divorced? Does he fear commitment? Emotionally stunted? self-Cantered?
You might want to do a background check before you travel any further on your journey with him. Good Luck!


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