Why the right to life, I am

Why the right to life, I am

Why is it that by 21 days into the fetal development the baby’s heart begins tobeat, but yet in most people’s eyes the baby is still not “technically’ alive? That heart beatmeans nothing, it doesn’t represent a human person whom God has created in his ownimage and has had a plan for that baby ever since the beginning of time. To most peoplethat statement isn’t allowing women and their families freedom of choice. And yet thatbaby isn’t given any say in its freedom to live.

This paper will give many supportingstatistics towards the right to life, I am pro-life.*Forty-nine percent of pregnancies among American women are unintended, halfof these are terminated by an abortion. Each year, two out of ever one hundred womenaged fifteen- forty-four have an abortion, forty-eight percent of them have had at leastone previous abortion and sixty-one percent have had a previous birth.

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This means thatthese women understand the joy of a baby being born, and still choose to take away theirprivilege to live. They’ve carried this children before and know the happiness of seeingtheir own healthy child in their arms for the first time. Why then, when they know theyare creating new life inside of them, choose to deprive their child the right to live andexperience everything life has to offer. They willingly decide to kill that child, certainly fortheir own benefit.Each year, an estimated forty-six million abortions occur worldwide.

Of these,twenty million procedures are obtained illegally.* Why are there stories on the newseveryday of people being murdered and mistreated and the culprit being sent to jail ofpunished in some way for the crime they’ve committed. Yet I don’t think I’ve ever heardon the news of a women being sent to jail for the murder of her unborn baby. It’s stillillegal, it’s the murder of a child, they are given no freedom, and the mother goesunpunished. *On average, women give at least three reasons for choosing abortion; 3/4say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about2/3 say they can’t afford a child; and 1/2 say they don’t want to be a single parent or arehaving problems with their husband or partner. A baby would interfere with their”responsibilities”, one of the biggest responsibilities as a sexually active person is to usecontraceptives or discuss with their partner the consequences of having sex. If they aren’tresponsible enough to do that they shouldn’t be having sex to begin with.

Adoption isalways an option. If having a child will interfere in their lives so much then they shouldshare the gift of a newborn with a couple whom are unable to have children of their own. At least then the mother can move on with her “responsibilities” and the child isn’tdeprived of it’s right to live.There are different ways to abort a baby, medical, partial-birth and simpleprocedures during the early weeks of pregnancy. In September, 2000, the U.S.

Food andDrug Administration approved the abortion drug to be marketed in the U.S. as analternative to surgical abortion. Also called mifepristone, medical abortions areadministered within the first nine weeks of pregnancy and stops the development of thebaby and will help expel the pregnancy. Women who agree to have a medical abortionmust also agree to have a surgical abortion if the mifepristone doesn’t work. About37,000 medical abortions were performed in the first half of 2001, costing the “mother”about $490.

Partial-birth abortion is performed in the second and third trimesters and entailsinducing a breech delivery with forceps, then delivering the legs, arms and torso only, andpuncturing the back of the skull with scissors or a trochar, next by inserting a suctioncurette into the skull, and suctioning the contents of the skull so as to collapse it, andfinally completing the delivery. A partial breech delivery is not considered a “birth” atcommon law, where it is the passage of the head that is essential. With the gruesomedescription of this procedure, how can anyone feel remorse for the cruel treatment of theJews, and other minorities and not for these unborn babies?Laws to ban this controversial late-term abortion procedure have been passed in atleast thirty states, including: Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas,Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Additionally, Massachusetts andIndiana have a specific ban on state funding of these procedures. These states criminalizethe performance of partial birth abortion unless it is “necessary to save the life of themother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder.” Abortions done in the first trimester (most often used procedure) abortion thedoctor will insert a tube, called a cannula, all the way into the uterus. He then uses asyringe which contains a vacuum-like pull, at this time suction will occur.

The doctor willthen move the syringe from side to side and back and forth. The lining of your uterus, theplacenta, and the developing human will be suctioned into the syringe and collected in atube attached to the syringe. The process takes approximately 10 minutes once the syringeis inserted and assembled, women experience cramping throughout the procedure.

Thecramping often lessens once the cannula is removed. The women may also feel nauseatedor faint, and break out in a sweat. For those whom think a baby isn’t technically life while in the womb, the babyreceives nutrients from its mother just one week of the baby’s life, it is then a part of itsmother. On the fourteenth day a spinal cord can be seen, and four days after that thebaby’s heart begins to beat.

Brain waves have been measured and recorded only fortydays into the pregnancy. That means the baby can receive messages and knows what isgoing on around them, it knows that he is with his mother. They eyes, ears, andrespiratory systems begin to form four weeks after fertilization, and “thumbsucking” hasbeen recorded at seven weeks. Women say they don’t feel life inside them until about theforth and fifth months, but we can see by those past facts that their child is very much aliveinside of them, whether they “feel” it or not. At eleven weeks the baby is breathing, itsorgan systems are in full order and it is developing details such as fingernails andeyelashes.

Basically by then end of eleven weeks the baby is fully developed, it simplyneeds the next two trimesters to mature and grow. Knowing this along with this quotefrom Jesus himself, ” before you were in the womb I knew you”, how can we argue thatunborn baby’s aren’t alive yet? While some still insist that the unborn baby is insignificant, there are some whorealize the truth of the matter, but still have unanswered questions. What if the child willbe born with a disease and will die a slow death or as the burden of its family? There aresuch things as medical mistakes and miracles. If everyone gave up hope on everything andeveryone, where would our world be then? Some cases of children of that sort areinspirational to others and their life is an example for others, either way things will happenexactly how God wanted them to. Regardless of the child’s state or residence thedefinition of abortion will ever change, its the killing of a human being.

As for thosewondering about our rapidly growing population, it really isn’t a major problem in the United States, with a birth every eight seconds and a death every eleven seconds, thepopulation is growing at less than one percent every year. So far there isn’t too muchinformation I’ve found which supports any sort of abortion. The risk of abortion complications is minimal, less than one percent of all abortionpatients experience a major complication. There is no evidence of childbearing problemsamong women who have had a vacuum aspiration abortion (first trimester abortions). Therisk of death associated with abortion increases with the length of pregnancy. From onedeath for every 500,000 abortions at eight weeks of fewer to one per 27,000 at sixteen totwenty weeks.

United States Congress has barred the use of federal Medical funds to pay forabortions, except when the women’s life would be endangered by a full-term pregnancy incases of rape of incest. Usually cases of rape or incest don’t result in pregnancy, and forthose that do people generally think that abortion will solve the trama of being raped. Abortion doesn’t solve anything and on average only fifteen percent of rape victimschoose to have an abortion. Seventeen states use public funding to pay for abortions forpoor women. About fourteen percent of all abortions in the U.

S. are paid for with publicfunds, primarily from the state. If abortion is really a freedom of choice, then it shouldn’tbe the responsibility of the state to provide the funds for women to kill their unborn child. Without publicly funded family planning services, an estimated 1.3 million additionalunplanned pregnancies would occur annually, about 632,300 would end in abortion. It’shard for me to believe that women could be this irresponsible, they would make a badchoices and become pregnant, choose to abort the baby and expect the state to pay for it.

Every year so far in high school I’ve attended the March For Life in WashingtonD.C. It’s a really amazing experience to witness thousands and thousands of peoplewalking in the streets peacefully protesting for one common cause, to stop abortion. There are billboards everywhere with pictures of aborted babies ad speakers to tell aboutthe dangers of abortion and how it is morally wrong. As the people walk to the Capitalthey chant and sing songs about God and celebrate life and all of its wonders. We’re allthere to convince people everywhere that we care about life and we want to make adifference in the world.

I know that President Bush can hear us and he would like tomake a difference too, but the Supreme Court won’t allow him to. Partial-birth abortionis banned in certain states in the United States, its a horrible image to put in someone’shead. However, some of the pictures I’ve seen really make people wonder how someonecould destroy human life like that. Abortion all together should be banned, but somepeople are more pro-choice than pro-life. Senator John Kerry is pro-choice, if he iselected president there is virtually no hope in the end of abortion, and Roe v. Wade.

President Bush is at least attempting to change the law, but is constantly being stuckdown. John Kerry will do nothing in our country to stop the murder of unborn children. His concern is in Iraq, where a few people are dying each day, while every third babyconceived in America is killed by an abortion.

Kerry wants to raise taxes for the wealthy,I wonder how they would feel about this tax raise knowing that some of it could becontributing to the murder of an unborn child. If Kerry wins the election basically all hopeof ending abortion is crushed for another four years. Our worry won’t be on the SupremeCourt, it will be on our pro-choice President.

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