Affirmative not be increasing racism. If we

Affirmative not be increasing racism. If we

Affirmative action today, is considered to be one of the most controversial dilemmas facing our equal status of individual rights. As we all know, affirmative action was implemented with the idea and hope that America would finally become truly equal.

So far, it has lasted for thirty years and has failed to solve any of our current problems concerning equal rights. Affirmative action was created with the intention of using reverse discrimination to solve the problem of discrimination. In that, in some cases minority groups are being chosen over other fully qualified workers who are not in the minority. This reversal of roles in racial discrimination does nothing but cause arguments and problems for both those for white males and those in the minority.Some arguments for affirmative action may be that for hundreds of years minorities were forced into servitude, and slavery by the white race, and now minorities are simply being “repaid” for all of those years of torture. In reality though, should men and women that have nothing to do with that oppression be forced to “repay” the minorities for their forefather’s sufferings? Another counter argument to the abolition of affirmative action is that minorities for the most part are brought up in poor neighborhoods and therefore their education is not as good as most of the white people whose income level is higher and subsequently have better schools. Well if that is a reason for affirmative action why not make it to where all children, regardless of race, who are in the poorer communities reap the benefits of affirmative action.

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Education more than anything decides the potential for success in a person’s life, and if most minorities are poor and need help then they should get it but poor white families should also receive those benefits.Despite the fact that affirmative action has some positive points that truly do contribute to society. It is still a flawed system that merely turns the tables of racism. Affirmative action should definitely be looked into with greater depth. In order to create a system that is fair the government needs to do additional research in improving its present situation. Affirmative action should be based on the fact that it is giving equal opportunity with equal results.

It should not be increasing racism. If we continue to differentiate people based on the their color, gender, or nationality, then we have not achieved anything. We would not be any different than our ancestors. Times have changed, and as it has changed, so shall we. We should head into the future, not with hatred toward others, but instead with love and dignity.

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