ADVERTISEMENT MARKET AND THE OPTIN SOLUTION Advertisement is a communiqué intended to convince an audience to buy products

ADVERTISEMENT MARKET AND THE OPTIN SOLUTION Advertisement is a communiqué intended to convince an audience to buy products

Advertisement is a communiqué intended to convince an audience to buy products, ideas or services. Advertising can be essential for economic development, it is not without costs. Spontaneous moneymaking emails and other forms of junks have become so rampant that they have constituted a major nuisance to internet users, and become a financial burden on internet service providers. Advertising regularly uses psychosomatic pressure on the intended consumer, which may be harmful. As a result of these disparagements, the advertisement industry has seen low approval rates in reviews and negative cultural depictions.
The current advertising system faces criticism on issues like consumer data being collected and shared without user consent, advertisers not getting sufficient ROI, decreasing publisher revenues leading to low-quality contents, too many middlemen (data middlemen, traffic middlemen, and ad middlemen) driving up costs and contributing to unnecessary consumer ad overload and most marketing research never getting done because it is cost extortionate.

DoGood Media (DGM) is a registered Delaware corporation specializing in advertising and market research, founded in 2014, that runs a comprehensive market research and publisher portfolio, with over three BILLION yearly video views. DGM is a member of the 2018 INC 5000 that specializes in technology-driven vertical integration of the advertisement ecosystem.
The OPTin Network is uniquely positioned to solve the advertising market problems because the team has over 30 years of administrative experience in some of the largest media and market research corporations. Using DoGood Media’s network of customers and publishers, the OPTin solution has instantaneous grip and great chance of success.
The OPTin system is a blockchain-based digital advertising solution, fully harmonious with existing substructures and provides better outcomes for consumers, advertisers and publishers. With the 5 pillar (User Control, Transparency, Free Unbiased Data, Community Oversight and Compensation) policy approach system, these issues can be solved.

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430, 000, 000 OPTin tokens will be circulated on the Ethereum blockchain based on ERC-20 standard and will be freely transferable on the Ethereum blockchain with the pre-sale launched under the Securities and Exchange Commission 506(c) exemption. Investors of $100,000 (1,000,000 OPTin) or more will receive nonpartisanship shares in DoGood Media.
Tokens purchased will be visible inside the OPTin Client Area throughout the ICO sale period (Aug 15-30, 2018 (23:59 GMT))
Tokens will be available to be withdrawn 7 days after the end of the main sale (MAIN SALE (10% Bonus first week, 0% after) Sep 1, (00:00 GMT) – Sep 30, 2018 (23:59 GMT)). No further tokens will be created after the hard cap (230,000,000 OPTin ($20 million)) is reached and the total amount of OPTin (430,000,000) will not be exceeded.
The bulk of tokens will be offered during the pre-sale and the main sale. The residual tokens will be dispersed among advisors, the team and bounties. OPTin will use the funds raised in a to increase adoption. About 57% of the funds will be used to increase awareness, purchase adoption and attract large advertisers. The remaining 43% will be mainly used for technology and product development.
The OPTin Blockchain allows users to buy OPTin tokens with Fiat (USD, EUR) as well as cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC). Every investor will receive a personal address after signup and e-mail confirmation, and buyers can send tokens from their exchange wallets. In order to receive the OPTin tokens and make them visible in your wallet, you are required to specify your address from an ERC-20 compliant wallet; Do not enter address from your exchange wallet.


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