tagesThe err, he has only compassion for

tagesThe err, he has only compassion for

tagesThe word “religious” means “relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity”. A religious person, therefore, does not believe blindly in a religion but he has a faithful devotion on the ultimate reality or God. A religious person believes that there is something above the human perception that is superior to any one of us which connects everyone. This ultimate reality has been called God though people have discovered God in their own way. It is like seeing a big elephant by small individuals.Everyone can see only a part of it. A religious person believes that God is not only Supreme but also Eternal.

Hence the faith of the person does not change everyday like the studies of science. The result is that even now, we are following the religions which are many thousand years old. Even after great advancement of scientific knowledge, more than 90 percent of the people still believe in God because they are aware of the many benefits in being religious in their unconscious mind.

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The five greatest benefits of being religious are as following. 1. LoveGod is the only source of love as love like God connects everyone.

Every religion asks people to love and not hate others. The religious people do not believe in any other ideology like socialism, nationalism or capitalism which had been created by man to rule other men and based on creating hatred for others. He, therefore, love others since religions only teach people to love. 2. Compassion A religious person believes in God and His eternal compassion for the mankind. He knows that God loves people so much that He can forgive even the greatest sin of His children if the person repents.A religious person, therefore, shows compassion to others since he too need compassion of God.

He does not judge others since he leaves the judgment only to God. Therefore, instead of having hatred for people who err, he has only compassion for them. 3. Health It is a well known fact that most religious people are healthier. They are healthy because they do not follow the harmful habits like smoking, drugs etc and follow healthy habits like prayers, fasting etc.

Their mind is quite peaceful as they have full faith in God which brings lots of benefits to their body. 4. PeaceThe religious people are quite peaceful since they know that nothing in this world happens without the explicit desire of God. Hence when they see something wrong going on this world, instead of getting disturbed by it, they believe that there must be a good reason for the same which he is not able to comprehend due to his limitation of knowledge. His mind is therefore, peaceful in the midst of turmoil which seems to grip most people.

5. Confidence Religious people are always confident since God can do anything. Their faith in God gives them tremendous confidence as nothing is impossible for God.Hence even when they fail, they know that they can do better next time since it was perhaps the desire of God for him to take higher challenges. No failure can reduce their confidence in themselves since they have unlimited confidence in God.

Life is a mystery which can not be explained either by science or by scriptures. Truth has a body and a soul which we call science and religion. Contrary to popular perception, they are not opposed to each other but complement each other like body and soul. In fact, they can not exist without each other. Advantages of being religious: • Community — people have a sense of belonging, a place to go, a group to identify with • Moral standards – people have a code of right and wrong, that doesn’t require a complex evaluation of relative values.

(I know this is a greatly inferior option, but it is easier and given its absolute nature, less troubling) • Consolation in loss or grief – people can know that their loss was God’s choice, that someone who has recently died has “gone to a better place” or is “happy now” • Meaning to life — we are here for a reason Purpose for life activities– everything I do is to serve God • Hope for a better future (in heaven or in reincarnation or in nirvana) • A channel for good works or altruistic behaviour. Yes, the rest of us can join an environmental organization, work with a soup kitchen or join medecins san frontieres, but these are organized for most church or temple or mosque attenders and become easier to participate in • Certainity about life’s mysteries (some people want this) • An easily understandable explanation for the beginning of the universe and of life • Leaders to follow (most people want this)

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