adequate food or drink

adequate food or drink

adequate food or drink.
Possible signs of physical abuse:
• Multiple bruising
• Fractures
• Burns
• Bed sores
• Fear
• Depression
• Unexplained weight loss

Sexual abuse
Sexual Abuse is any sexual act which a person has not consented to. For example, being touched or kissed when it is not wanted or being raped.

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Possible Indicators of Sexual Abuse:
• Loss of sleep
• Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour
• Bruising
• Soreness around the genitals
• Torn, stained or bloody underwear
• A preoccupation with anything sexual
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Pregnancy

Emotional abuse
is behaviour that has a harmful effect on the person’s emotional health when they are made to feel small or constantly being belittled and made to feel useless and worthless which can cause mental distress.

Possible indicators of psychological or emotional abuse:
• Fear
• Depression
• Confusion
• Loss of sleep
• Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour

Institutional abuse
is the mistreatment or abuse or neglect of an adult within settings and services that adults live in or use, that violate the person’s dignity, resulting in lack of respect for their human rights.
Possible signs of institutional abuse:
• Inflexible and non-negotiable systems and routines
• Lack


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