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ARTICLE REPORT Student Name: Article name and page number: Acting As If You Are Hypnotized 56-64 Please answer each of the following items in detail. 1. Describe the purpose of the study.

(2 pts) The article was not so much a study as it is a collection of summarazations of studies, 16 by Spano’s to be exact. In this article he meant to show that hypnotism was more about how people come to believe in hypnotism due to the ritual aspect of it. People will behave how they are expected to behave under the influence of “hypnosis” 2.Discuss the research methods used and how the study was conducted. (10 pts) Again since it is a collection of summaries of research it’s a bit hard to pin down the actual method used in this article. Spano’s in one experiment hyptonized a group of people and told one group your arm is very light and is rising. Spanos told the other group to just simply raise your arm.

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He then asked them whether they thought their actions were voluntary or involuntary. The people in the “your arm is light” group said more often than the other group that their behavior was involuntary.Many studies are are included so the hypothesis seems to be proven.

3. Describe the subject in detail (demographics, how they were chosen, etc… ). (5 pts) The article in our book doesn’t say but after some individual research it seems in all of his studies the populations for his experiements were chosen from a wide sample of men and women of different backgrounds and ages.

4. Identify and describe the independent and dependent variables if the study was an experiment.If the study was not an experiment, just describe the variables they were studying. Provide operational definitions for the variables. (5 pts) Independent variable: different ways of suggesting the same thing while the person is under hypnosis.

Dependent variable: The persons behavior while under hypnosis 5. Provide a detailed summary and analysis of the results. (10 pts) People will behave the way they think they are supposed to behave while under hypnosis.People expect they they will imagine scenes more vividly under hypnosis and people are not insensitive to pain but are actually trying to show what they think is expected of them. People though will not do anything that they don’t want to do.

6. Discuss whether or not ethical principles were followed in the study and any possible ethical dilemmas related to the study. If so, what did they do to ensure subjects were protected? If not, what ethical principles were breached? (8 pts) No ethical dilemmas were breeched.People will not do anything they don’t want to do under hypnosis, and will not do any anti-social behavior.

So even if a researcher wanted to tell them to shoot themselves with a gun, according to this article unless that person wanted to in the first place they would not do so. 7. Provide a detailed analysis of why this study was important? Discuss how the findings “make a difference” in the lives of people. Consider how professionals might use this information to help people. Also discuss how non-professionals (e. g. students, parents, employees, etc…) might use this information in their daily lives.

(10 pts) Study was important because it adds to the debate that people under hypnosis are not in another state of consciousness, however it does not prove that hypnosis is worthless. Hypnosis can help those who want the help to begin with. The article speaks of this study helping debunk the idea of some therapists use of hypnosis in reforming repressed memories of past traumas and abuse.

Giving suggestion to a memory that may or may not be there.

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