This article presents information related

This article presents information related

National Mortgage News, 2005. 1-9.

This article presents information related to a corporate survey of chief financial officers that find that the job market looks bright in the finance, insurance, and real estate industry.Carey III, Addison. Accounting: What’s the Real World of Accounting Like?. 3rd ed. Vol.

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35. Black Collegian , 2005. 31. This book focuses on several types of accounting careers in the US areas of accounting. This book also contains a list of major accounting firms in the country.

It lets you know that having a working knowledge of spreadsheets is very important. Elam, Rick. Will future CPAs start their accounting careers in the industry?Journal of Accountancy. 5th ed.

Vol. 178. n.p.,1994.

95. This book focuses on the recruitment of certified public accountants’ for employment after college graduation. It tells about job requirements and implications for accounting educators.

Salles, James E. “Corporate Business Taxation Monthly.” Tax Accounting Vol. 6 Issue 4. Jan. 2005: 37.

Comcast. 26 May 2005 This book discuss provisions of the American Jobs Creation Act of2004 regarding the tax accounting of Attorney’s fees and court costs incivil rights and employment cases in the US. Duffy, Convier. Rev.

of Online study aids available for CPA exam preparation, by Convier Duffy. CPA Journal; Vol. 68 Issue 2; 1998: 76.Reports that supplier of certified public accountants exam review products are among the companies continuing to invade the internet. These pages also include information on acquiring available aids for taking the test.Golen, Steven P., and Lawrence P.

Grasso. Barriers to Communication during interviews for Accounting Jobs. Vol. 70. N.

p.:, 1995.272-278. This study explored accounting student interviewees’ perceptions of the seriousness of possible barriers to effective communication during on-campus interviews.

The accounting student interviewees perceived items indicating closed-mindedness or tending to result in one-sided communication as the most serious, whereas physical or environmental barriers were perceived to be less serious. Edmond, Melissa. Accounting firms collaborate to promote diversity.New York Amsterdam News 31 Mar. 2005, 14 ed., sec. P: 1-5.

The article reports that Watson Rice LLP and Marks Paneth & Shron LLP (MP&S) have joined forces to tackle diversity. The accounting firms formed this joint venture to help underserved businesses in New York that are owned and operated by culturally and ethnically diverse management. Auditing the Auditor. Comp. Alan Hevesi. Ed. Alan Hevesi.

Vers.6. Feb.

2005. American School & University. 26 May 2005. Deals with a report issued by New York State comptroller Alan Hevesi which criticizes the audits made by accounting firm Miller, Lilly & Pearce on the Roslyn School District in New York in 2005. Criticisms against the accounting firm; Former administrators of the school district who are faced with criminal charges for allegedly defrauding the school district.

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