Accountability and Workplace Relationships WEEK

Accountability and Workplace Relationships WEEK

Accountability and Workplace Relationships WEEK SEVEN: ACCOUNTABILITY AND WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS Simple Ways to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace AUTHOR: KATE LE PAGE To establish successful and healthy work relationships, there are three main factors needed to be implemented: Trust, taking accountability, and having communication skills and teamwork. Trusting the people you work with is not always an easy task but sometimes it is necessary to get a specific job or task done.

Working together and putting trust in team members can help get a task done faster and by making the job easier and more efficient, people will learn that you can be trusted and vice versa. When trust is established, it eliminates the feeling of being “stabbed in the back” or job insecurities. “Effective teamwork requires accountability. ” This helps workplace relationships by allowing each team member to know what their job or place is when doing the job.This way, if someone falls short of performing in a task, that person will be held accountable instead of the whole team. Then, not everyone in the team is being penalized for someone else’s faults.

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It is also important to take responsibility and for one’s own actions and know that they themselves will be held accountable. The last step in building workplace relationships is having communications skills and teamwork. Working together is important in trying to achieve a certain goal or task.Sometimes as an individual, it cannot all be done by themselves.

Like the saying, “There is no “I” in the word “team. ” Helping each other and having great communication skills such a listening keeps a positive atmosphere in the working environment and decreases the chances of conflicts. ~Excerpts taken from the site: http://www. suite101. com/content/simple-ways-to-improve-teamwork-in-the-workplace-a242268.

For the complete document, please refer to this website. ~

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