According to the analysis

According to the analysis

According to the analysis, communication must exist in the big organization such as Toyota Motors Malaysia. Hereby, I have some suggestion for them to solve and overcome the problem that occurs due to communication and marketing, so that Toyota Motors Malaysia able to run their business smoothly and globally. Basically, communication can group into 2 groups, Employer with employee and organization with consumers.
In my opinion, I think that Toyota Motors Malaysia must first understand their employees well. This is because when the company knows their employee’s needs and wants well, the company can reach their objectives easily. The higher executive, manager and supervisor can communicate with a suitable way with the consumers. For example, those who has reach their target sales has the chance to get a higher commission. A good communication able to encourage the employees to achieve their target well. It is also a must for the leader to monitor their employees’ messages accordingly. Not only that, the high executive of the management of Toyota Motors Malaysia can try to understand their employees’ need via the google form.
Toyota Motors Malaysia should understand their audiences or consumers well. Toyota Motors Malaysia should do an analysis of consumers’ preference based on the market survey as a communication method. Example, Toyota Motors Malaysia should create a questionnaire to the consumers who’s interested in Toyota or the consumers whose walk in to the store to understand what actually consumers think. Though this questionnaire and survey, Toyota able to know what consumers demand period by period, and they can make sure their car modal are updated and suitable to consumers. Toyota Motors Malaysia also can build their image through this survey. Consumers will feel they had been care by Toyota and will prefer to buy their car because they are under the Toyota’s guarantee and they will not loss any benefits.
Next, as a manager of Toyota Motors Malaysia, you have to listen properly and clearly to your employees. Listening is a crucial process for the manager to know more about their employees’ problem and their needs. Active listening is important in the conversation process. This is because as a receiver, we have to pay full attention to them, try to avoid the internal and external cues and focus on their words. Give them a response to show that you concern about them. In this ways, the communication process must be runs smoothly. This is because the workers will feel like being valued as their opinions are being listened.
Furthermore, one of the objectives of communication is to solve problem, so I suggest that Toyota Motors Malaysia has to have a meeting every week or once a month for all the employees and employers and there’s no position in the meeting. This will more open minded and relax when the employees desire to give feedback or express their own idea about the company. These ideas and suggestions from employees mostly can make the company increase their sales and image because they get the opinions directly from the company’s consumers. However, the leader of Toyota Motors Malaysia should give some reward to the person who provides effective opinion to encourage all the employees to express the ideas and their thought bravely.
As a CEO of Toyota Motors Malaysia, which has office in multiple states or countries, he will find difficulty in sharing information to every employee in the company. Thus, in this situation, the CEO or the top executive of Toyota Motors Malaysia can try to conduct a video simulcasts. With a video conference, the employees can hear and see you briefing about the upcoming activities, planning, initiatives in real time. For those who might be working can review back the video conference in no doubt. Any misunderstanding about the initiatives can repeat back so that it can receive more clearly by the employees. Not only that, the employees can conduct a small meeting with the supervisors and colleagues, discussing the proactive initiatives so that everyone in the company can understand well. In this way, Toyota Motors Malaysia communication issue might be decrease.
Other than that, the high executive, employees of Toyota Motors Malaysia can try to conduct a virtual conference within the company. This is because it is an excellent way to increase the internal communication of Toyota Motors Malaysia. Different departments have a chance to communicate, exchange their opinion and create productive ideas towards each other. It might help to develop a better understanding towards the Toyota Motors Malaysia’s goals.
Besides that, as the head of Toyota Motors Malaysia, you have to make sure that your communication and briefing process does not disrupted in between. This is because it will create negative consequences to the employees. Also some employees might lack of interest to listen about what you really want to say. Thus, to avoid this kind of incidence from happened, it is vital for the top executives of Toyota Motors Malaysia to prepare in advance for the meeting and discussion. Always mention about the key points so that the employees can alert with it. Moreover, Toyota Motors Malaysia has to make sure that the vital information are available to employees all the time. For examples, through the memo, emails and messages. Forwarding the important criteria to the employees to ensure that every employee received information even if he was absent during the presentation.
Lastly, to improve communication relationship within an organization, the management of company shouldn’t use email to inform or announce something frequently. Normally, an organization will announce something important through e-mail, memo or other formal letter, but this will decrease the communication between management and employee. Management should create some bonding activities to all the employees as another method of communication way in order to listen what employees think. Such activities can enhance the communication process as management also can improve the relationship between employees and management. By the bonding activities, they will also have a deeper understanding within employees. When the understandings between them are increase, they know each other well and the conflict between them will decrease. They will start to collaboration and try their best to achieve the goals and objectives in order to make the company profitable and productivity, because they feel they work is not for organization and it’s for their own self and to create memories among their friendship.


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