According to my understanding and point of view free will is nothing but only a perception

According to my understanding and point of view free will is nothing but only a perception

According to my understanding and point of view free will is nothing but only a perception. People are persuaded that they settle on judicious decisions as they experience their lives. However, rather it might be that the mind just persuades itself that it settled on a free decision from the accessible choices after the choice is made. Everything occurring with us or all the happenings and processing of universe is preplanned nothing is according to our perception and our will. We are only doing the acts which we are supposed to do like nobody is making decision of his own. Everyone is just following a guided path. Our discussion, our sins, our regrets, are written already.
An Almighty God as maker of life, the Universe and everything, and a Supreme Programmer as maker of virtual life, the describe Universe and the product everything. God is an otherworldly being; God is a reliable being; God is strong; God doesn’t stuff things up; God is eternal or might I venture to state it, limitless. The Supreme Programmer then again isn’t powerful however is particularly of fragile living creature and-blood; he/she/it is completely error prone and can stuff things up and in the long run kicks-the-container like all mortals do. The “who made God” question is disputable if God is unceasing. The “who made the Supreme Programmer” question is less demanding – it’s indistinguishable answer from who made you.
The Greek philosopher ZENO talked about that fact that’ ‘virtue is the ultimate reality”. This means that there is a divine power who is responsible for all the happening in the universe. Not even a leaf can move from his place except of his permission. We’re altogether recreated creatures living in a virtual reality complying with the directions of the great Almighty God Characters in a computer game do what they are customized to do, no more and no less.
Free will is probably an illusion (or daydream), it has pragmatic applications in reality (like compelling one to be responsible for their activities) and therefore is an idea far-fetched to fail miserably at any point in the near future. It’s similar to the thought that God may not, and most likely does not exist, regardless he frames a helpful capacity in the public eye by keeping many individuals here on earth.
Examples :
? You have obvious through and through freedom to turn right or to turn left at Oak Street, however it’s a hallucination in light of the fact that in one universe you turned left, yet that universe instantly brought forth another universe wherein you turned right. You think you settled on a choice decision, yet you really didn’t. Condemnations, thwarted once more.
? If someone is a slave or prisoner he/she has the right to have free will of mind but he /she is not allowed to do anything except the orders. are a slave or a prisoner you have free will of the min


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