AMERICAN comprise the upper division. Your AMU AA

AMERICAN comprise the upper division. Your AMU AA

AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITYAcademic Plan Summary (APS) for BA Degrees, AA Degrees and CertificatesTotal Required Semester Hours for a BA Degree = 120. AA Degree = 60. Certificates = See Course Catalog.Name:Matthew MathewsStudent Number: 3051463Major/Concentration: Criminal Justice/ Intelligence MethodsInstructions: The AMU Program is divided into lower and upper divisions. Freshman and Sophomore years (100-200 level courses) comprise the lower division and the AA Degree.

Junior and Senior years (300-400 level courses) comprise the upper division. Your AMU AA Degree is identical to your AMU BA degree lower level requirements and will be transferred by AMU as such. Planning Priorities – It is recommended that you complete the majority of lower division course requirements before taking courses in the upper division. Normally, the priority for planning is RQ295, general education courses, lower level electives, required upper level courses, core courses, major courses and finally upper level electives.

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However, if you are pursuing a certificate program instead of a degree or if you are taking Internship courses, you may schedule them along with the above priorities. Pre-requisite courses should be taken in the correct order (i.e. Take EN 101 and then take EN 102). Courses do not have to be taken during the year or term indicated on this form because the APS is only a projected plan and is subject to courses actually offered in a future course bulletin. You can plan one or two semesters ahead with relative certainty by reviewing projected courses in the online registration bulletin. The APS is valuable because it helps you identify degree requirements, establish a timeline for degree completion, and integrate your academic and career plans.

Note that MA109 does not count towards your degree completion and that EN100 cannot be used to meet a General Education requirement (however – it can be used as an elective). For the Initial Academic Plan Summary (APS), you should list all college credit you think will transfer (previous college courses, CLEP, DSST, Army ACE Registry Transcript Summary (AARTS), Sailors and Marine ACE Registry Transcript (SMARTS), Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), military and/or civilian experience, training, and education). Later in the semester, you will update the initial APS with your official transfer credit approved by AMU and submit a Final APS. You may need to periodically update your APS based on a change of major or new transfer credit approvals.

Note: Your APS is a separate and distinct course requirement and is not the same as your Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE). To receive a TCE you must contact emailprotected and pay a $75 fee. Your degree requirements are found at

doc, which is the Course Catalog found at the AMU or APU homepage. Go to the Table of Contents page and click on your desired degree. You will be taken to the requirements for your degree. To complete your APS you will need to select individual general education courses and elective courses that are not listed in your degree path. You can find individual courses listed by subject area by going to http://www.apus.

edu/AMU/home/AMU/ . Going to the Associates Degrees and the Bachelor Degrees buttons after you click on Academic Programs will provide you with courses from 100-400 level in a multitude of subject areas.AMU Degree RequirementsRQ 295Course Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.AMU UseRQ295 1st AMU CourseRQ295Ac/Career PlanningAmerican Military University310 General Education Requirements10 General Education Courses(100-200 Level Courses)Course Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.

AMU Use (Remarks, Grades, Transfer Approval)English — 1st Course (100-200 Level Course)EN 101 Prof. In writingAMUFall 053English — 2nd Course (100-200 Level Course)EN 102 Effectiveness in WritingAMUSpring 063Math or Science –1st Course(100-200 Level Course)MA 108 Basic College AlgebraAMUSummer 05 3Math or Science — 2nd Course(100-200 Level Course)MA 110AMUFall 053History — 1st Course(100-200 Level Course)US History IBCC/ Transfer Fall 19963History — 2nd Course(100-200 Level Course)US History IIBCC/ TransferSpring 19973Social Science — 1st Course(100-200 Level Course)PyschologyBCC/TransferSummer 19963Social Science — 2nd Course(100-200 Level Course)SociologyBCC/TransferSummer 19963Humanities — 1st Course(100-200 Level Course)HM 101 Spanish IAMUSpring 063Humanities — 2nd Course(100-200 Level Course)HM 102 Spanish IIAMUSummer 0639 or more Lower Division Electives for 27 total creditsCourse Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.AMU Use (Remarks, Grades, Transfer Approval)Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)GM 101 Human RelationsAMUFall 073Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)CJ 101 Evidence and ProcedureAMUFall 073Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)CJ 102 Intro to Fed Law EnforcementAMUSpring 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)IS 100 Intro to terroismAMUSpring 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)IS 102 Intl TerrorismAMUSummer 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)IS 103 Terrorist Tactics AMUSummer 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)IS 201 Intermediate TerrorAMUFall 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)IS 202 Islamic FundamentalsAMUFall 083Lower Division Elective(100-200 Level Course)*MH 120 Small Unit LDRSPAMUSpring 093* 5, 8, 9 or 10 Core/Required CoursesCourse Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.AMU Use (Remarks, Grades, Transfer Approval)Core/Required Course (300-400 Level Course)CJ 300 Research Methods of Criminal JusticeAMUSpring 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)CJ 301 Criminal Justice AdminAMUSpring 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)CJ 302 United States Law EnforcementAMUSpring 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)CJ 303 CriminologyAMUSummer 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)CJ 305 Criminal Legal ProcessAMUSummer 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)*CJ 306 Criminal InvestigationAMUFall 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)*CJ 316 Corrections and IncarcerationAMUFall 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)*CJ 330 Constitutional LawAMUFall 093Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)*Core/Required Course(300-400 Level Course)** 4, 5 or 8 Major Courses and* 4, 6 or 7 Electives for 12, 18 or 21 elective credits depending on your major (100-400 Level Courses) Course Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.AMU Use (Remarks, Grades, Transfer Approval)Major Course(300-400 Level Course)CJ 320 Law Enforcement ApplicatonAMUFall 093Major Course(300-400 Level Course)IS 303 Criminal Intell AnalysisAMUSpring 103Major Course(300-400 Level Course)IS 307 Counter IntellAMUSpring 103Major Course(300-400 Level Course)IS 308 Open Source CollectionAMUSpring 103Major Course(300-400 Level Course)IS 315 Human IntellAMUSpring 103Major Course (300-400 Level Course)or Elective*(100-400 Level Course)IS 325 InterrogationAMUSpring 103Major Course (300-400 Level Course)or Elective*(100-400 Level Course)RQ 307 Intro to IntellAMUSummer 103Major Course (300-400 Level Course)or Elective*(100-400 Level Course)CJ 304 Pathology of Death InvestigationsAMUSummer 103*See final section of curriculum sheet in the degree path to determine how many electives are required in this final section for you major. Courses selected must be from courses other than those listed for core or major requirements of the degree. See the Online catalog for specifics regarding your degree program:* Electives Course Name& NumberCredit Source& MethodSemesterCompletedCredit Hr.AMU Use (Remarks, Grades, Transfer Approval)Elective(100-400 Level Course)NutritionBCC/TransferFall 19963Elective(100-400 Level Course)CJ 329 Criminal ProfilingAMUFall 103Elective(100-400 Level Course)CJ 381 Prison and HealthAMUFall 103Elective(100-400 Level Course)GM 307 Leadership and MotivationAMUFall 103Elective(100-400 Level Course)PY 431 Psychology of DisasterAMUFall 103Elective(100-400 Level Course)Elective(100-400 Level Course)

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