A fewer questions. These two proactive steps will

A fewer questions. These two proactive steps will

A business can greatly benefit from the improved writing skills of itsemployees. They will be able to communicate more effectively, and expresstheir points with more clarity. This in turn helps to reduce the amount ofquestions asked by employees who might not understand each other.

Employees will enjoy doing their job when there is less frustration andmisunderstanding between employees. And the more they are present at work,the more they can accomplish. This increases productivity as well.Everything working together makes for a much more productive process andthat saves the business time and money. Employee Writing SkillsRelative to the Success of a BusinessWould you incur a small cost to the company if you knew it would beprofitable in the long run? Improving employee’s writing skills has thepotential to improve the effectiveness of communication between employeesand to increase company moral. An employee with excellent communicationskills is more likely to make a sale than an employee with averagecommunication skills. (Liz Hughes, 2003)There are many benefits a writing workshop can provide.

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It can teachemployees valuable skills to improve the effectiveness of their writing.Employees would learn how to better organize their writing, properly conveytheir message to the reader, and use reference tools to reduce errors. Bybetter organizing their writing, employees make it easier for the reader tofollow their ideas. Well conveyed and concise messages leave the readerwith fewer questions. These two proactive steps will help to reduce repeatcommunication and increase the productivity of the employee.

Another benefit of improved writing skills I and overall increase incompany moral. Employees that are confident with their writing skills willcommunicate well with other employees. This is the groundwork for asuccessful team experience. Possessing good communication skills will alsohelp employees communicate on all levels and with people having a varietyof backgrounds. In a business with international branches, vendors, orcustomers, being able to properly communicate may be the deciding factor inthe outcome of a particular transaction. Effective communication via e-mail, voice-mail, and teleconference also relies heavily on a person’sabilities as a writer. They must be able to express their thoughts andideas in a clear, concise manner while also setting the correct tone.

Being able to do this allows the writer to avoid misunderstandings andpossibly a negative situation. When an employee takes the time to checktheir work over, it sends a message to the reader that the writer caresenough about this particular correspondence to take extra time and reviewit. All of the factors above help to create a more enjoyable workenvironment.

Employers that enjoy being at work will be absent much less.There are of course obvious costs to the company in organizing aworkshop. However, these costs need to be put in perspective of the long-run. By helping to improve employee’s writing skills, the company isinadvertently creating a more efficient and productive work environment.

This means a greater overall profit to the company.Implementing a program of several workshops can be done withoutcompletely sacrificing the productivity of the company. First, severalworkshops should be scheduled at different times. Then, one person fromeach department should be placed in a group.

By organizing the groups thisway and staggering the times that each group would be attending a workshop,no department would ever be completely down. This would reduce the loss ofproductivity during training. Writing workshops have already beensuccessfully implemented across the country. Programs such as theleadership institute that was sponsored by the Thurgood MarshallScholarship Fund (November 1-4, 2003, New York City), help collegegraduates obtain jobs.

Graduates attend workshops taught by leadingbusiness executives to help improve their writing skills. (J. ZamgbaBrowne, 2003) By following models like this, a successful workshop can becarried out.Educated and happy employees are more productive in their workenvironment. This in turn equals an overall increase in success for thebusiness. It is said that “communication skills can..

.make or break yoursuccess in today’s marketplace.” (Belinda Hulin, 2004) In this economy,this statement could not be more true. ReferencesHulin, B. (2004 April, Vol. 11 Issue 4).

10 things you need to succeed in 2004 – and beyond. Public Relations Tactics, p11, 1/3p.Hughes, L. (2003 September/October, Vol. 55 Issue 5). Enhancing Communication Skills.

Women in Business, p21, 1p, 1c.Browne, J. (2003, October 23, Vol. 94 Issue 43).

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