On made his way over to his owner.

On made his way over to his owner.

On a beautiful fall afternoon a man decided to take his dog on a walk.

They started to hike down a path deep into a forest. Suddenly, the path turned a corner and into a huge black bear. The man froze with fear and with his paw the bear struck the man to the ground.

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At this, the 70 pound dog charged at the massive bear and again the bear rose his mighty paw and knocked the dog against a tree and unconscious. After about an hour, the dog woke to find his owner lying dead in a pile of dried up leaves. The dog stood up with a bit of a limp, and made his way over to his owner. He nudged the man behind the elbow as if he wanted the dead man to pet him. When there was no reaction he laid against the mans cold side, whined and closed his eyes. It was obvious that the dog had no chance against the bear, but he tried to protect his master.

The dog could have easily ran to safety, but he didnt want to leave the side his lifelong companion. The dog was willing to give his life for his masters, and once his master was gone the dog could not stray from his side. This story is a description of a concept that can be explained by examples from The First Knight, Le Morte dArthur, and Merlin.This concept is advent in the movie, The First Knight. Towards the end of the movie, King Arthur, will die if he does not surrender to his enemy, Malagant, who wants to take over his beloved kingdom.

King Arthur refuses and asks his people to fight for their kingdom, Camelot. Without thinking rationally, the people found themselves fighting for what seemed to be a hopeless and suicidal battle. They found no need to think about the possibility of death, they just fought to protect and represent their king. The people knew that they were outnumbered and overpowered, but they didnt question their kings wishes. They could have easily surrendered, but they would have rather died fighting an impossible battle on behalf of their king.

In addition to the movie, The First Knight, this concept is displayed in the story, Le Morte dArthur. King Arthur journeys to France to fight Sir Modred. His knights blindly follow him. As knights of Arthur, they took an oath to abide by and protect their king. This oath is a life long promise and dedication to an individual and cause.

Because the knights have so much faith in King Arthur and his cause, they will fight and possibly die on behalf of him. They will blindly fight for King Arthur, whether they disagree with the justifications for war or not. They are choosing to leave their families behind and gamble with the chance of not ever seeing them again, just to stand by King Arthurs side as some form of duty. They are risking their lives for the life of one man, their king.Like the two previous examples, this concept is present in the movie, Merlin. Merlins lover, Nemoway, is disfigured by a fire breathing dragon and the fierce flames caused Nemoways face to be scarred and disheveled. Ashamed of her hideous appearance, Nemoway hid from the world.

Because Merlin put his heart and soul into their relationship, nothing, not even a scarred face, could cause him to stop loving her. His unconditional love for her causes him to remain completely faithful to her. Merlins dedication and devotion to her kept him from straying to find another. By possessing this concept, Merlins actions and love assured Nemoway that Merlin was faithful and trustworthy.The First Knight, Le Morte dArthur, and Merlin are all examples of a unnamed, but highly explained concept. This concept is a life long promise to someone by letting them know they can fall back on you. It is a very hard thing to do, but its absolutely worthwhile.

If one believes in what they are doing, they will carry it out until the end. If an individual chooses to use this concept, it willguide and control them, but they will benefit greatly from it in the end.intended word: Loyalty

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