Gabriel become notorious at certain times of the

Gabriel become notorious at certain times of the

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an author with an interesting imagination, wrote both “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” and “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World.

” Both of these stories use magical realism to develop their themes. Magical realism is defined as a story containing magical events and exaggerations of characters in a realistic, down-to-earth environment. Both of Marquez’ stories have strong characteristics of magical realism. He uses this to develop his stories into intriguing pieces of literature. A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” contains many elements of magic. These elements include magical and bizarre events and also include some unusual humor.

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Being visited by many different people from around the world, the angel brought upon some very odd human beings. A woman who visited the angel had the ailment of constantly counting her heartbeats but she became confused when she ran out of numbers. Another man complained of insomnia from the fact that the stars made too much noise.An extremely bizarre event arose when a “ram-sized” tarantula with the face of a woman appeared.

The author also chose to toy with some unusual humor. When the angel was first found, he had “…dialect with a strong sailor voice. ” After hearing this, Pelayo and Elisenda immediately looked past the wings and thought of him as a lost seaman.

Another piece of bizarre humor occurred when the author said they “…did not have the heart to club him to death. ” Referring to the angel, this is an extremely odd, yet, capturing statement.This story also added many elements of realism into the text.

A true-to-life setting was established in the first paragraph with the description of the day. Being a rainy, gray, generally depressing day shows how a typical stormy day can feel. The crabs in the beginning of the story added a sense of true-to-life setting.

In many coastal towns of South America, crab infestations become notorious at certain times of the year. The story also evolves with believable dialogue. This showed plainly at the thought of the sick child.This is a very simple and realistic happening. A person’s desire to make money shows in this story with the true-to-life setting.

Pelayo and Elisenda charge people to look at the angel just like a typical person would do throughout the world. “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” contained some thought-provoking exaggeration and magical and bizarre events. The drowned man was so enormous that the kids originally thought he was a ship. The man was so large he could not fit onto any bed or wear any normal clothes. His beauty seemed ery exaggerated as the women of the village seemed to literally fall in love with the dead, drowned man.

Even the men of the village were shocked at his face. A very bizarre event occurred when the dead man was originally found. The kids who found the man played with him on the beach. They thought nothing of the man as being actually dead and they simply played games. The final bizarre event arose when they were trying to name the drowned man. Names ran through the minds of the women but when the name Esteban was presented, they immediately agreed, even though this name is of no significance.

As one reads this story, the same realistic elements that were in “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” come about. The first was the true-to-life setting that the story contained. The events occurred on a small, twenty-house village next to an ocean. This is a simple, very realistic setting for any type of story.

The “very still day” that was occurring when Esteban was being cleansed was just as normal as any other normal day, with absolutely no magical events. Believable dialogue was also used through the story.Giving the drowned man a respectful burial and trying to actually find out who the man was were both believable tasks that basic cultures and tribes would partake in.

Magical realism is an extremely productive way to develop stories. Very interesting and bizarre events mixing with a typical reality that anyone expects combine to create a perfect blend. This captures the reader throughout the story. It also makes for and exciting and interesting read.

“The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World” and “The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” proved to be great stories for anyone with an imagination.

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