arton)In with faling into his rank and

arton)In with faling into his rank and

arton)In society today, all people determine their lifestyle, personality and overall character byboth positive and negative traits that they hold. Sydney Carton in Charles Dickens A Taleof Two Cities was a drunken lawyer who had an extremely low self- esteem.

He possesedmany negative characteristics which he used in a positive way. Carton drastically changedhis life around and became a new man.Sydney is not the man he first appeared to be. He is first described at Darnays trialas slouching and not paying attention. He is seen as a drunk who had many personalissues. Carton feels that there is no hope for him, and that his life will never improve. Hehas much more potential and could be so much more in life, yet he chooses to remain inthe shadow of others.

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Sydney has a dramatic life and is an alchoholic who sees nothingpositive in himself.Carton demonstrates a sensitivity which helps others in the long run. His partner,Mr. Stryver relaxes while Sydney works long hard hours to prepare the defense materialsfor the following days. Carton does most of Stryvers work, he is a man of great talent butlacks the character traits that would make those talents work to his own advantage insteadof others that he helps. He always use to be satisfied with faling into his rank and never didanything to attempt to change his life.

He further destroys himself with drinking andalthough he is not satisfied with his life now, he feels that he cannot do anything to changeit. Sydneys love for Lucie Manette changed him greatly in a positive way. One daywhen Sydney visited the Manette residence he called on Lucie and pledged his love to her.

After hearing this, Lucie feels nothing but compassion for Carton. He asked nothing moreof Lucie than to always remember how deeply he cared for her, and that he would makeany sacrifice to her or anyone dear to her. Lucie was the main reason for bringing out thenew , more positve Sydney Carton. He now looked at things with a more positive attitudeand a new personal strength was seen in his later actions.Cartons final act in this novel shows what a brave man he was and he acts uponhis true love for Lucie. After the second arrest of Charles Darnay, Carton urges Dr.Manette to attempt to use his influence to free Charles.

When Carton is speaking withlittle Lucie, Charles and Lucies daughter, she begs him to do something to save herfather. After Carton leaves the Manettes house he devises a plan to switch places withDarnay. As he planed the events, he ended up in Darnays cell waiting to be beheaded.Before Carton is beheaded his mind becomes completely clear. He looks at his life andknows he is going to a far better place.

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I haveever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known. (367) Cartonsact of saving Charles Darnay was truly a positive desicion for himself. He had a promise toLucie and he wasnt going to dissapoint her.Sydney Carton picked up the pieces of his life and became a new man, whichallowed him to die with a positive view on life instead of the recently changed negativeoutlook. His love for Lucie changed him for the better in so many ways and let himexperience feelings that he had held inside of him for a long time.

He became acompassionate individual , and died with a clear conscience.

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