LastName1DaveFebruary husband by her side, since her

LastName1DaveFebruary husband by her side, since her

LastName1DaveFebruary 28, 2001″A Rose for Emily”-William FaulknerIn the story “A Rose for Emily”, William Faulkner, the author talks about a life of a woman and the town she lived in. The story begins just when miss Emily died.

The author doesn’t tell us much about that time except that many people were interested to see what was in her house.As the story progresses, the author decides to jump all the way to the beginning when miss Emily was still a young woman and her father was still alive. During that time, the town felt bad for poor miss Emily and thought that she was going to die with out a husband by her side, since her father didn’t like any men that liked his daughter.Later on, the author gets to the time when her father just died. Miss Emily felt so alone that she decided to keep her dead father’s body in the house, and not let anyone take him away from her. After the neighbors kept coming to the city council and complaining about the fowl smell that was coming from miss Emily’s house, the judge sent a few men to put lime around the house to kill the smell. As the reader later finds out, the smell was coming from miss Emily’s father’s decaying body.

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Finely the authorities took the dead body out of the house and buried it. As the story goes on, the reader is told that the town was being renovated, streets being paved and such. With the renovators, came a young man, by the description, he was a handsome young man. The town kept talking as they always did, gossiping about miss Emily and after Homer Barron and miss Emily were started being seen together, the town thought they were going to get married. Unfortunate for miss Emily, Homer Barron enjoyed the company of men.

After find this out, miss Emily came to a drug store and ordered their strongest poison. When the druggist asked her what she needed it for, she refused to say. After that, the town thought that poor miss Emily was going to kill herself. As the renovations were complete, the streets paved, miss Emily and Homer Barron were still seen riding together but one night Homer Barron left and didn’t return for some time. The town once again felt bad for Emily that the one man that she finely liked and spent her time with has left her. After a while Homer Barron returned and one night, as he came to miss Emily’s house he was never seen again.

Years passed, miss Emily became sick and her hair started turning gray. Then finely, the author comes back to where he left off in the beginning. Miss Emily died and the authorities went into her house. As the writer tells the reader, before her death and after Homer Barron’s disappearance, the second floor of the house was completely off limits to everyone.Later, when the officials came into her house, they went to the second floor and finely revealed the mystery. As they went up to the second floor, they forced open a door that was locked for some time.

When they entered, they saw a beautiful room. In that room they saw man’s clothing nicely folded on the chair and on the bed, they saw a dead body. By the looks of it, the body was there for quite some time.

Next to the body, they saw there was enough room for a second person. On the pillow there was a dent, as if someone had slept there recently and on that pillow they found a strand of gray hair. The author chose to tell the story his way and not in order, sort of jumbled up the events, telling the story jumping from one point in time to another.

I believe that the story was written this way to keep the suspense alive so the reader will want to read more of the story.BibliographyIntroduction to fiction Sixth Edition

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