The I took a long ramble around the

The I took a long ramble around the

The PIllars was one of our favorite lodgings during our month-long visit to NZ for many reasons. First — our hosts. John and Ruth Boddy were, to us, all that is great about New Zealanders.

They were warm, welcoming and very helpful throughout our stay. Upon arrival, we were welcomed and given snacks and drinks. We were made to feel like old friends who had come for a visit. (While we were there, another couple from the US were staying there who had stayed there several times previously.

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It is the kind of place I would like to visit again and again. ) Second — the place. John and Ruth have created a beautiful villa-type setting on a 5-acre garden estate, with a pool. Our immaculate room was spacious with a balcony and a comfortable king-sized bed appointed with beautiful linens. Ruth herself made most of the bed linens and draperies throughout the house.

The bathroom was spotless with full amenities (shampoo, bath products, hair dryer).There were set ups for tea and coffee and the room had beer, water, fruit and a bottle of wine. The outdoor spaces are simply beautiful, with lanais and porches surrounded by incredible gardens which they keep up themselves. I took a long ramble around the garden with my camera and got some great photos. Breakfasts were plentiful with savories, breakfast breads, fruit salads, homemade yogurt, cereals, coffee, tea and fruit juice.John and Ruth joined their guests for breakfast and we had a wonderful time in the mornings with them and their other guests, sharing adventures and advice. Since we were staying there for several days, I had asked about where to do laundry and Ruth simply took it from me and it was all done, waiting for me when we got back that evening.

Since the Pillars is outside the actual town area, you will need a car to access restaurants and the local sights. However, it was well worth the drive to stay at such a beautiful place.

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