In a state of utopia as ours

In a state of utopia as ours

In Brave New World, their society is supposed to be a utopia. In actuality, it is far from a utopia because a state of utopia can never really be reached. There will always be factors, however minuscule they might be, that will affect the balance of perfection that makes up a utopia.

It is impossible for a state of perfection to exist in this world and we learn this through the situations and characters in Brave New World. One of the characters in Brave New World that infringe upon the balance of perfection is Bernard. Bernard is the type of man that questions and analyzes everything. He is also shy and insecure. Bernard is the epitome of what the establishment does not want a person to be like. When Bernard ordered somebody to perform a certain task, one of the people glanced at him. “Was that a kind of bestial derision that he detected in those blank, gray eyes” (pg.

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65)? So he shouted, “hurry up” with an “ugly rasp in his voice” (pg.65). His frustrations and insecurities drove him to scream at the worker, in turn, affecting the utopia in a negative way.The Deltas became extremely frustrated when John discarded all of their soma. They “charged with a redoubled fury” at him (pg.

219). The Deltas couldnt live without their soma. Like people that are addicted to drugs, they need it to function properly. The minute they thought that they were going to have to be without it, they completely lost their minds. The fact that they couldnt have any soma immediately put the utopia in jeopardy.

The peoples freedom is also in jeopardy. They cannot understand the concept of liberty. The people are not even free to study the works of Shakespeare. The controller stated, “we sacrifice high art” (pg.

226). They sacrificed art and everything beautiful to achieve their mock utopia. How can a utopia exist without freedom of expression? Since the people are in a drug induced state of bliss, they cannot create things with feeling and painful emotion. They cannot write depressing things if they are always happy. There is no spirituality in their utopia. Expression has no place in their utopia, therefor the Brave New world cannot really be perfect.

Brave New world is far from perfection. Their society is as far from reaching a state of utopia as ours is. As long as we are human and posses human defects and inhibitions, we will never achieve a utopia.

A state of harmony and perfection will never be reached.

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