I get by in life. Now, by

I get by in life. Now, by

I am a high school student, but I do know things. I know if I know something or not. After knowing someone for awhile, I know if they know anything or not. In school, I know that not knowing anything does not mean anything.

I know I can pass a class without knowing anything about that subject. If you want to know why I know, look at some of my classes. I know I passed electronics.

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I also know that I know nothing about electronics. I really do not know geometry well, but I know I passed. I know that if you wanted to know about computer science I could not tell you a thing.

Yet, I know I passed the class. Talk to me in Spanish and I would not know what you were saying, but I am in Spanish 2. I know people in an advanced computers class who really do not know about computers. I know kids in physics and in math that do not know which is which. By knowing this I know school is not about knowing the material, it is about knowing how to get by and nothing is learned, accept how to get by. Unfortunately, by learning to get by in school we will merle get by in life.

Now, by learning to do we will do something in life. Passing us on is just letting us get by. Nothing is learned accept that we can get by. By raising a future of people who just get by you will have a future that just goes by. There will be no change, there will be no improvement, the will just be existence. I do not want this future and for those who have not fallen victim to education, you probably do not either.

There needs to be a drastic change in how we learn. If we do not know keep us until we do. Educators are not the only ones who need to change, the students and their parents have to as well. The students have to tell their teachers and parents that they do not know. The parents have to see to it their children know and help them know if they do not.

The teachers have to help all those people who want to know, know and must realize the people get things differently, a extra semester for the kid may be needed for him to know. It is the attitude that needs to change and we all need that change. This is something that each and every person needs to do. It is vital to our future. We need to know about things. Teach us; do not just pass us by figuring we will never learn.

All those who do not know learn from those who do. All those who do know teach those who do not. So, speak to those who do not and listen to those who do. What is the worst that can happen? You might teach someone something or maybe learn something yourself. Either way it is just another step needed to improve our situation.Education Essays

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