The method used in this study is the method of interview, namely: “… provide information about the topic that we recommend to our informants, who give information about technology in this digital era.”
This method is not only limited to data but includes an interpretation of the meaning of that data. Descriptive research and similar phenomenon equations.

Also used survey method at the time of data writer with correlation technique. It is caused by the relationship between variables with each other
the characteristics of correlation research are :
(a) connection two or more variables,
(b) measuring the relationship between the coefficients being removed

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Research Instruments
In this study using two instruments :
1. digital camera
2. mobile phone
To prepare the research instrument, the authors perform the following steps:
1. Describe the research variables into indicators.

2. Indicators are derived from theories that support each variable.

3. Conduct consultation with mentors to get input, whether the indicators developed are rational or logical.

The instruments made in this study are based on the modified Liker model attitude scale, which uses 5 options, with scores of 5 for always, 4 for frequent, 3 for sometimes, 2 for rare, and 1 for greatly never. This applies to positive statements and vice versa if negative statements.

Instruments are composed by the authors based on the supporting theories of each variable. Before the instrument is used a trial to test the data on the reliability (reliability) and validity (validity) to be eligible to be used as a research instrument in the retrieval of research data.

3. Validity and Reliability of Research Instruments
Instruments arranged based on a pre-made grid are used in order to capture data on both instruments by conducting trials to test the reliability and validity of the questions.

a. Validity Testing of Research Instruments
The validity (validity) of the test is intended to find out whether the recording device is capable of measuring what is being recorded and revealing what it wants to disclose. Validity or validity is a very important view considered when preparing an instrument to be used. Validity is defined as the designation, conformity, understanding, usefulness, and specific conclusions that have been made based on the data they have collected.

The definition shows that by validating the instrument, a strong evidence-gathering process has been conducted to support the conclusion of the instrument
Data Collection Technique
Data collection was conducted on Cindy Lim at President University. Sources of data were obtained from research instruments designed specifically by researchers. Data on technology today is obtained through two instruments using digital cameras and mobile phones.
Internet Technology Presence
            The presence of increasingly sophisticated Internet technology has changed the human lifestyle and demands on human competence. Now human life is increasingly dependent on today’s technology, such as; mobile phones, laptops, computers and other technologies. The following describes the magnitude of information technology involvement in human life.

The benefits of technology in the social field include:
1. As a source of information and learning facilities from people who use technology such as mobile phones and laptops.

2. To foster an entrepreneurial spirit for society because today’s technology is so advanced that it can provide information-information about things that make it useful.

            Utilization of technology today began when technology is regarded as a very important tool and this tool is also very expensive, this tool is owned by all people. let’s say mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, drones, GoPro that tend to be very expensive. Now with the help of today’s cameras it can show us the pictures we want or the images that are very satisfying for ourselves, such as drone cameras that can produce very good images, like he can fly in air to make videos or produce images, and cameras gopro we can take it for a trip to the country or to the mountains or wherever we go, because this gopro camera is very small fit for the streets, and action cameras we can take it because this camera also make a pictures or video which is very baggy and clean, but today’s technology is very much issued but is often used by people just drone, gopro and action cameras, and these tools are also very expensive in the present.

            The development of technology in this era is very rapid. Various technological advances can be obtained easily. Along with the development of the age and rapid development of technology that communication between humans can be done with various tools or means, one of the communication tools are widely used today is the internet, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

          This presents us with the power of imagination and communication technology that allows the dissemination of information in near-perfect quality in a very fast time.

             Twitter and Facebook also do not lose competitiveness with the internet, because on Twitter and Facebook students can hang out with others, although they do not know who is invited to meet because it only happens in the virtual world. Twitter and Facebook have become a trend among teenagers, not only among students who have Facebook and Twitter, children and parents also have twitter and facebook. Too many enthusiasts or users Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people who open the cafe, but not only through the cafe alone, we too can easily open twitter and facebook on mobile phones.

The development of technology is very rapid nowadays because we see today many technologies that come out in this era, such as handphone, unique camera-unique. Almost everyone can now easily use to create videos or images that are captured through today’s technology tools. In accordance with the development of this technological era is growing and growing. Given the increasingly sophisticated development, we can easily produce images that fit our desires.

            And technology today is also a lot of advantage that can create images or video also with problems such as photos blur or not as good as the original.

The need for technology-based personnel is still increasing; this can be seen by the many types of jobs that require the ability in the field of technology in various fields; also the number of capable human resources in the field of technology is still small when compared with the population of Indonesia.

The main advantages possessed GoPro is in terms of very small size for the camera in general. The design is very compact, and anti-air is very easy to put in place both on land and in the air. Record a video produced GoPro was never playing games. Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition, capable of recording images up to 4K quality with 30 FPS. So despite its small shape, the picture quality is not messing around. And the equivalent of a DSLR camera.

Another advantage that makes GoPro very interesting is what can be used to take pictures in various conditions. There are mountains of bodies, helmets, skateboard, in front of hands, even mountains that can be placed on the animal’s winning body.

Gopro deficiency is most often perceived by its loyal users is the capacity of the battery that can only last 1 to 2 hours. Unlike the DSLR camera or another camera that has a larger battery capacity. Memory capacity is very small, while the video size recorded by GoPro is very large, for 1 hour of video can be up to 20 GB. However, it is very reasonable because the initial function of GoPro camera is only suitable to record the moment that the duration is not too long. For those of you who often travel, it is advisable to have a backup memory so you do not worry about running out of memory when you want to take the moment by using GoPro
The next Gopro deficiency is just focused on recording feature, so for shooting feature still not equivalent if juxtaposed with DSLR. The compact camera is also not equipped with Optical Image Stabilization so that if there is a shock when you record the image will be quite felt. But now there is available additional software Digital Stabilization so the picture is not too shake-shake.

The last Gopro deficiency is the relatively expensive price of its accessories, GoPro Black priced around $ 499, Silver $ 399, and the $ 129 Hero. As for mounting bandrol starting from the price of $ 20 – $ 50. So to be able to use GoPro in various activities, users must buy a relatively expensive mount this.

In today’s all-around sophisticated drones are already in possession and use by the community and the usability of this camera is also very diverse from who want to take photos or make a video from the top and there is also for behind the scenes missions. Drones are not abnormal sounds in our sense of hearing but Drone (Unmanned aircraft) also has advantages and disadvantages.

What is Drone?
Drones are unmanned aircraft that can be controlled by remote control by humans. Unlike the aircraft on the fly by the pilot but the drone itself in a fly with no need pilots.

The shape of the drone was a lot of different sizes. It’s like an airplane or even a helicopter. With a size that is not too, large drones can be flown in areas that are the lush or dense house.

By using drones, you can put a camera that can record events under the drone itself. Having very sophisticated features, this unmanned aircraft also has advantages and disadvantages.

 Namely as follows:
Excess Drone
1. The price is cheaper than the manned aircraft.

2.No need a pilot or a reliable power that controls enough us who mebgontrol use the remote control.

3. Its size is not as big as the original aircraft.

4.Perawatannya fairly easy and affordable cost.

5.Memiliki highly sophisticated navigation system.

6.Mampu control with long distance.

7. Not so heavy or light.

8.Security against installs more secure if there are error and error in the system.

9.Can record the surrounding events when paired with the camera.

10.Memiliki properties that are portable so easy when brought anywhere – where.

Drone Shortage
1. Can not fly too far with the control system.

2.Ruin is damaged if there is bad weather.

3.Have the energy to fly out quickly.

4. There should be people who can and understand the drone operating system.

5.Can not fly without fuel.

6.The price is quite expensive for ordinary people.

that’s a glimpse of the advantages and disadvantages of drones (drone) so that the above issues are beneficial to all of us.


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