3. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and beliefs however, it is very important that they do not have a negative impact on someone else’s work. I am aware that within work is not possible to agree with everyone’s beliefs and attitude but at work regardless my own personal opinions, beliefs and feeling is clear that I will never try to impose them upon someone else either this person is a child or member of staff. I have to respect their beliefs and attitudes no matter how different are to mine. To prevent any obstruction, it will be helpful to know a bit of their background so I can understand them more and maintain a good quality of work. For instance, the religion is one of those factors. Impose my beliefs to people who believe in something different to mine will affect my professional work. Also, I cannot be judgemental for something which is different to what I believe but respecting the differences between my own and others’ personal attitudes and beliefs will keep up the good quality of my work and remain professional at all times.


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