3.0 IBS

Industrialised Building System ( IBS ) is a technique of construction where the components are manufactured in the factory, either onsite or offsite , later on, it will be placed and assembled at the construction works. IBS is the term used in Malaysia, while Pre-fabricated, Modern Method of Construction (MMC) and Off-site Construction in the rest of the wolrd1. Furthermore, there are five common types of IBS in Malaysia. The types are Blockwork system, steel framing system, prefabricated timber framing system, steel framework system, precast concrete framing, panel and box system2. The system used is depend on the types of the products.
In addition, there are few types of products from Hume Concrete Sdn. Bhd. that used IBS. Some of the products are RC Wall Panel, Hollow Core Slab, Half-slab and precast stair case. Different products use different IBS. Firstly, RC Wall panel is using panel system. Conrete Panel system is used for high rise building. Based on the figure 1 ( Appendix) ,the RC wall panel produce by Hume can able to incorporate architectural fa├žade pattern and can incorporate Mechanical and Electrical installation (M&E) services to make construction even faster3. Later on, it would help to ease during the construction process and save lot of time . Secondly, based on the figure 3.1, the product is Hollow Core Slab that is suitable to be placed between a large column to the other column span while the type of IBS use is also Panel system. There are some buildings and constructions that use Hollow Core Slab from Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd. The buildings are Wisma Hong Leong at Kuala Lumpur, JKR school at Pahang, Audit Department at Shah Alam and PJ court car park at Petaling Jaya. Besides, the advantages of the Hollow Core Slab produce by Hume Concrete can span up to 1.5m and can withstand high load capacity.

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Figure 3.1
Next, based on figure 3.3 is the example for the Half-slab. Half-slab is always used for residential and commercial building and act as a floor. The type of IBS used at Hume for the Half-slab is the precast concrete where it is also considered as the Prestressed Concrete Half-slab as it is considered as the high end product of precast concrete. Half-slab is simplified to become the construction of the floor slab.Based on the figure 3.2 is the table of Half-slab from Hume Concrete that shows the thickness, self-weight, maximum allowable span according to the span condition. The standard application is the simply supported Half-slab as it can withstand up to 4.5m. Subsequently, many of the buildings around Malaysia are using the Half-slab from Hume Concrete in Beranang such as Hospital of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) in Cheras, The Curve in Mutiara Damansara and Complex of Syariah Court in Kuala Lumpur. In addition, the advantages of the Half-slab produced by Hume Concrete are it can be easily customized to suit any structural and architectural design and act as a permanent formwork.

Figure 3.2 : Hume Half-Slab (propped) capacity table

Figure 3.3 : Half-Slab
Finally, the type of IBS used for the stair case is the precast system. The application is for the high-rise building because the design is the same3. Furthermore, the advantages are it has a smooth finish surface and easy to install that helps to prevent messy formwork at the construction site. Hence, Hume has become one of the suppliers for some of the buildings. For instance, the precast staircase from Hume is supplied at the Department of National Audit in Shah Alam and at the UKM RMC centre in Cheras3. Based on the figure 3.4 is the example of the precast staircase at the factory.

Figure 3.4 : Precast staircase


Figure 1

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