2018 Thanksgiving Assignment

2018 Thanksgiving Assignment

2018 Thanksgiving Assignment (Optional)
Due: Friday, November 30th (Google Classroom)


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What book got you hooked?

Only projects done with effort and creativity will earn full credit. In other words,
take pride in your work and do a good job!

Dear Students,

I want you to enjoy your break, and if you choose to read over break I want you to enjoy a good book of your choosing! I’ve found a website where a teacher has taken her students favorite novels, and has not only made a list of the titles, but has also included a small summary of each. My one and only request is that you CHOOSE a novel that YOU HAVE NOT READ! I dare you to walk the plank and spoil yourself with a good read!

** If the book is part of a series, and you’ve already read the first book, YOU MAY read another book in the series. Please just check with me before doing so.

Your task:
1. Visit the following links

2. Read through the descriptions

3. Choose a novel

4. READ the novel (Yes, read the novel. However, you will not need to annotate)

5. Write a speech to persuade another student and or me to read the novel too!

a. Two pages
b. Four paragraphs
c. Double spaced
d. Times New Roman
e. Font Size 12
f. Include a proper heading
g. CREATE a GoogleDoc via (GoogleClassroom)

6. When you write your speech keep the following in mind: Your speech should be about four (4) paragraphs.

a. Write a strong opening. Before you can begin persuading your audience, you need to open the speech in a way that will make them want to pay attention.
b. Offer persuasive evidence (quotes from the novel!)
c. Address the counter-argument.
d. Conclude with a call to action. (Convince others to read it!!)

7. Have a lovely Break!


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