Stradford has traveled the world

Stradford has traveled the world

. Mrs.Stradford has traveled the world teaching and showcasing her Art and is successful in her career.The respected Leslie Stradford has taught Art Education for for 45 years over the span of her career .Before teaching professionally Stradford received three degrees from the University of Chicago .She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Art Education and a Masters Degree in Art. Before she began teaching, she also received a local grant that allowed her to produce art in her hometown.

She first began teaching students, in graduate school while in pursuit of her own higher education. Ms. Stradford .Stradford worked as a elementary school teacher for a few years .She then began working at a middle school where she taught Art to student in the urban areas. Ms. Stradford realised she didn’t like teaching small children art so she transferred to another district to teach middle schoolers. in lower grades because she wanted to teach complex art techniques. She was born in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago Illinois.

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