.1 General conclusion
The impact of proper calculation of power loss in transmission network using simplex optimization method is very significant. Power loss in transmission system increases overall system cost and has a major impact in power system management. From our analysis, we can come to know that power loss in transmission network when simplex optimization method is used is higher than when other techniques of power reduction are used. That is to say, Newton Raphson method provides lower reduction of losses when compared to other methods like simplex optimization method. Therefore, an effective loss reduction in a transmission network of a power system (simplex optimization method) has to be implemented.
5.2 Contribution
This method of loss reduction in a transmission network has vehemently helped in the following ways
1. The results obtained can be used for financial loss calculations
2. It can equally be used to regulate tariff determination process
3. It enhances loss reduction in power transmission company
5.3 Findings
1. An improper transmitted generator TG size and in appropriate TG allocation causes a greater system loss than the loss with simplex optimization method.
2. Simplest optimization method is the best method to reduce power loss in a transmission network.
3. Although simplex optimization method consumes time for its loss reduction in a transmission network, it gives better and reliable power supply when compared to other optimization method.
4. Some of the data used is readily available with the engineers of power transmission Company.

5.4 Recommendation
1. Future work in power loss in a transmission network should incorporate simplex optimization method technique in order to achieve an effective power loss reduction in transmission network.
2. In near future an effective power loss machine that should reduce power loss in transmission network fast should be incorporated in the system.
3. Future study of this work can incorporate weather in loss reduction in a transmission network. There should be an automatic machine that should reduce losses in line, transformer and feeder fast.


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