Qatar Airways uses a selective distribution strategy in Qatar. Qatar Airways is a shopping product so, customers will search and make a comparison between different brands depending on some standards including, price, quality or style. It distributes its tickets in only specific places through building relationships with different travel agencies. Distributing tickets through few outlets allows Qatar Airways to improve its services quality and focus more on its target market. Qatar Airways is not a convenience product, it is a high-end brand and it targets specific consumers with high and middle income and in order to satisfy them, it improves its quality. Qatar Airways has some Qatari travel agencies partners including, Doha Holiday Travel and Tourism, and Regency Travel and Tours. Qatar Airways uses more than one channel. Firstly, direct channel, so, people can directly book a ticket from the Qatar Airways officesthrough telephone. In addition, Qatar Airways website is an electronic channel between consumers and the company so, consumers can book tickets by using Qatar Airways.com. Furthermore, it also uses an indirect channel through travel agencies as retailers between the ultimate consumers and Qatar Airways such as Doha holiday travel and Tourism, and Regency Travel and Tours. Qatar Airways uses a multichannel marketing, it has various kinds of channels including, direct channel, indirect channel and electronic channel. Multichannel marketing allows Qatar Airways to attract, maintain, and build relationships with a wider range of consumers by using different channels and different ways of communication. Using electronic channel allows Qatar Airways to communicate with consumers, to know their complaints and to solve their issues and to spread its advertisement through social media. An indirect channel allows Qatar Airways to reduce costs including aeroplane’s cost, and the cost of hiring professional pilots. So, instead of opening new branches, Qatar Airways agrees with agencies that are already existed as retailers of its tickets in order to reach more clients and to expand its sales. An indirect channel allows Qatar Airways to sell its tickets face to face in a direct way through its physical offices and this way increase its profit because it does not share it with other intermediaries. In addition, different channels allow Qatar Airways to leverage its physical existence by allowing consumers to book its tickets from its official website.

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Figure 2
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00 Qatarairways.com

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00Figure 3

The diagrams below summarize the various types of channels. Figure 1 describes the electronic channel between Qatar Airways and consumers through Qatarairwas.com. Figure 2 illustrates the direct channel between Qatar Airways and consumers. Figure 3 shows the indirect channel between consumers and the company. Doha Holiday Travel and Tourism, and Regency Travel and Tours allow consumers to enjoy booking Qatar Airways tickets from their offices and their official websites.

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00Figure 1

In figure 3, which describes the indirect channel, there are some travel agencies between Qatar Airways and consumers. Doha Holiday Travel and Tourism, and Regency Travel and Tours are examples of these travel agencies, they allow consumers who live in Qatar to book Qatar Airways tickets from their location through their offices or their websites with cheaper prices. Qatar Airways has chosen Doha Holiday Travel and Tourism and Regency Travel and Tours as retailers to its tickets because they are located in Doha and those consumers with high and medium income live in Doha. For Qatar Airways in order to cover its target consumers and to increase its sales, it has chosen these agencies located in Doha. If it has chosen other agencies located in Qatar out of Doha such as, Al Khor or Dukhan it will decrease in sales because its tickets are expensive to people who live there because most of them get low income.

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