ented is clearly shown in the commercial

ented is clearly shown in the commercial

ented the message selected by the product manager? Why?Given the 3 commercial, I would have chosen commercial #2 as it had full fill most of the product manager requirement. The product manager requirement was basically, An advertising copy that is directed to an all family audience, which particular emphasis on homemakers in homes with children 5 to 17.A copy to all geographic areas and among all socioeconomic group.To stress on the familiar taste enjoyment of an ice cream soda which is quickly and conveniently available at home.A copy which dramatize the interest and excitement inherent in the totally new product concept Sodaburst represented.The basic selling proposition a real ice cream soda that makes itself at home in one minute cold.

Thus I think this is the most appropriate TV commercial that fits the requirement perfectly. As it is clearly shown in the commercial itself that the advertisement focuses it central of attention to homemaker and children. This is clearly shown by the characters in the commercial which consist of two adult, male and female and two children.Other than that, the advertisement also focuses on the easy way to prepare it. The instruction in this commercial is particular clear too as there is narration in the background of the advertisement informing the audience how it is done. As for the narration, it is pretty easy to understand and even a 5 year old kids would probably understand it.

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Commercial #2 ways of making the drink is rather more easy to see and understand comparing to commercial #1 which most of the time using extreme close up and close up. As for commercial #3, it is more resembling commercial one which uses extreme close up and close up when introducing how to make the drink. Close up and extreme close up sometimes makes your product looks particularly funny in a certain kind of angle.

The music and sound uses in commercial #2 also particularly attractive to the children and it is very light and easy to listen to. Thus, by choosing the right tone, it indirectly enhance the commercial itself and it would create a fond impression to the audience.Overall, the commercial #2 is my number one choice as it appeals to me the easy way of making the drink, the fun and excitement of making it as well as drinking it by looking at the facial expression of the couple and the children. Other than that, the commercial #2 also appeal to me that this product resemble the real ice cream that I used to eat with the extreme close up of the vanilla ice cream in spoon.Besides that, the commercial #2 also pinpointed out the basic selling proposition, by using narrator to say it out and also by the location of the commercial.

Other than that by emphasizing its way of storage which was in the grocers ice cram freezer.2. Which is the best print execution? Why?In print execution, advertisement #2 appear the best for me. Partly mainly because the placement of the advertisement is on both pages of a magazine or it could be separated into two advertisement. It serve as the purpose of teaser.

They could advertise advertisement on the left hand page at first and then only they advertise the advertisement on the right hand page several days or week latter to create suspense about the product.Other than that, advertisement #2 is also very creative and real as it is a real live picture and not some illustrations. Real pictures show what really did happen and if illustration, you can illustrate it as you like. Other than that, Sodaburst is also a new product and this product is not even familiar by the audience, thus the instruction of making it is essential in the advertisement.This advertisement stresses basically on the easy preparation way and also the excitement of it by noting see it happened!.

It creates curiosity in the audience mind about this particular product.

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