at plant that I work at back home,

at plant that I work at back home,

at they can effectively communicate goals of the manager to his or her workers. Managers must also be great motivators.

If workers are motivated to perform at their best and want to do the best job they can, the results of their work will be better. Managers also must have an excellent and thorough understanding of the job at hand and all of its technical aspects. If managers dont have the skills needed how can he or she effectively lead their subordinates to complete the tasks.

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2.) One of the best ways a manager can create a positive work environment is through positive reinforcement. If I, as a worker, completed a task that I felt I had done a great job on and spent a lot of time on I want to be recognized for that. Everyone loves recognition. The manager can have parties or functions rewarding the employees for a certain goal or quota met.

The manager should be personable with his or her workers, asking them, how they are doing? How is your family? Etc. this lets the employees know that the manager cares about them more than what they do on the job. At a plant that I work at back home, that my grandpa owns, he has huge poster boards with company goals. He is a 68 year old white collar man who will put on his work clothes and work with the 25- 45 blue collar workers, right on the line, towards that goal. Throughout the day he walks around giving his personal time helping a being positive to his workers. In his business turnover is high but with this technique the workers stay positive and are motivated to work hard.

This is essential.3.) Effective organizations have many desirable characteristics that are vital for success. Every company has different techniques that make them effective so there is no right or wrong answer. From my own experience, especially is blue collar job human resources and employee motivation is where everything begins.

Employee motivation for quality saves time and money by doing the job right the first time. Also keeping the employees at the plant happy and wanting to work decreases turnover which in turn decreases training costs. Keeping costs down is another necessary factor in effective organizations. Costs are down, profits go up, it is that simple.

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